Loving Martinique – Sainte-Pierre

We took Karl for a ride up to a little coastal town called Saint-Pierre. This is a pretty cool old town that was once the largest port on Martinique, back in the old days. Then, the volcano, Mount Pelée , erupted in 1902 killing all but one person in the town. About 28,000 people died […]

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More of Martinique

  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the French have the best healthcare system in the world. The French is a universal system largely financed by government and national health insurance. Believe it or not, doctors still make house calls to people unable to visit the clinic. A GP visit costs about US$30 of […]

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Meet Karl. Karl was responsible for getting us around Martinique for seven days. You have no idea how happy I am to call an inanimate object a “Him” instead of a “Her” for a change. Referring to a boat, plane or any lifeless object as female or male has always annoyed me. My Father was […]

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Finding Our Way Around Martinique

We love Martinique! It is clean, safe and beautiful. It is also very French. We generally find most people are patient with us as we consult with Google translate or bumble-mumble some French words. My high school French is okay for basics but we really struggle when we get off the beaten path, which is […]

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Joyeux Noël

It’s Christmas time in the Caribbean. There is no snow. It is sunny and hot, always. I don’t really understand how Santa’s magic sled is supposed to work without the snow. That sled is going to make a hell of a mark on the roof when it lands. There are no chimneys for Santa to […]

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Sainte Anne’s – Martinique

We are back in France. We had a fantastic 5 hour sail from St. Lucia to Martinique. It was one of those very rare days when everything was in our favor. The wind was coming from the right direction. The seas were moderate. We managed to not break anything along the way. It didn’t rain. […]

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