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Walking in the Tree Tops

Guadeloupe has a pretty cool botanical gardens and zoo park. It is not a big place but it is one of the most unique places we have visited. The park is situated on the side of a mountain in the greenest part of the island, which means it rains a lot in the park. We […]

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Death in Paradise

Doesn’t Death in Paradise sound like a great name for a movie or television series? Well, that’s because it is a name of a television series. It is a British and French production that airs on the BBC. Season 1 aired in 2011 and the 8th season has just been commissioned. Cindy and I love […]

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Hanging About The Marina in Gwada

Some cruisers, for some strange reason, think staying in a marina is taboo. We think otherwise. We stay in a marina when we can because the amenities are simply awesome. We can walk to restaurants, grocery stores, chandleries and markets. We meet neighbors and have made a ton of new friends whilst staying in marinas […]

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The Rescue and a Walkabout – Gwada

So here we are, stuck in the middle of nowhere at Cascade aux Ecrevisses. The key to our rental car is lost. Everything we brought with us on our day trip is locked inside the car. This includes our rental car agreement with the contact information of the local agency from who we rented. It […]

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Welcome to Gwada

Gwada is the pet French Creole name for Guadeloupe. It is also a brand of a local beer I have happily sampled since arriving. Thumbs up! Guadeloupe is also known as the butterfly island because of its shape. One wing of Gwada is pretty flat and the other is mountainous. The area in-between the wings […]

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Dominica was hit hard by hurricane Maria last year. This little island was devastated. Since Dominica is a country they struggle to get any aid. For example, St. Maarten was hit by Irma and is a French island. It wasn’t long before aid started to arrive from France. Puerto Rico received aid (eventually) from the […]

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Bubba Takes a Hit

For the past few days we have worked our way up the western side of Martinique. I wanted to stop in Les Anses-d’Arlet for a couple of days but it was just too crowded with boats. This time of year in the Caribbean there is a phenomenon called Christmas winds. From December to February, the […]

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A Quick Trip Back to Saint Lucia

It is so awesome to hear and read English again! I can actually read the labels on the products in the store and I know what I am getting without the use of a translator! Not like Martinique where I bought body wash instead of hair conditioner because I forgot to take the translator with […]

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Martinique and Repairs

French Martinique, one of the few places in the world where you can make a living as an accordion player. The other day I was bar-b-queing aboard Cream Puff. An accordion and clarinet player strolled down our dock serenading the boats. They were promoting a local bar with live music. What a creative way to […]

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Martinique – The Victory Lap

  We decided to do a victory lap around Martinique. We were almost successful. Let me explain. At this point we have been all over this island and explored just about all it has to offer. It is one of our favorite places and we have loved our stay here. There were a few little […]

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Still Loving Martinique – Les Trois-Îlets

One of our favorite places on Martinique to explore has been the peninsular of Les Trois-Îlets, Les Anses-d’Arlet and Le Diamant. Touring this area by car rather than boat enabled us to see some magnificent vistas as the narrow roads snaked about the hilly terrain and into the small villages. Almost every hilltop exuded a […]

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Loving Martinique – Sainte-Pierre

We took Karl for a ride up to a little coastal town called Saint-Pierre. This is a pretty cool old town that was once the largest port on Martinique, back in the old days. Then, the volcano, Mount Pelée , erupted in 1902 killing all but one person in the town. About 28,000 people died […]

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More of Martinique

  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the French have the best healthcare system in the world. The French is a universal system largely financed by government and national health insurance. Believe it or not, doctors still make house calls to people unable to visit the clinic. A GP visit costs about US$30 of […]

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Meet Karl. Karl was responsible for getting us around Martinique for seven days. You have no idea how happy I am to call an inanimate object a “Him” instead of a “Her” for a change. Referring to a boat, plane or any lifeless object as female or male has always annoyed me. My Father was […]

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Finding Our Way Around Martinique

We love Martinique! It is clean, safe and beautiful. It is also very French. We generally find most people are patient with us as we consult with Google translate or bumble-mumble some French words. My high school French is okay for basics but we really struggle when we get off the beaten path, which is […]

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