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  1. I love your post on the buses – hysterical πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh with my morning coffee.

    • Mark

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks!!!! So glad we could help start your day out right. Sometimes the stories for the blog just present themselves and all we have to do is type it. This was one of those occasions.


  2. Marie Holmes

    Looking forward to your adventures in Grenada. Always enjoy your posts and pictures. With so many beautiful colors available; I agree with you about the gack, brown.

  3. So jealous of this –>> “I push the button to start the air conditioning in our aft cabin giving Cindy a nice cool room to continue sleeping.” Nothing worse than being so hot at night you can’t sleep. One of the reasons we’re glad to be back at Indiantown Marina is the fact that we have shore power and can plug in our portable AC unit.

    • Mark

      Amel boats are well insulated so if we run the AC in the evening for a couple of hours using the generator at anchor the boat will stay cool for the remainder of the night (with the hatches closed). We are now in Grenada plugged into shore power. The electricity here is very expensive. We are jealous of you for being able to pay USA prices for your AC. We expect out electric bill here to run about $800 per month. Ouch!

      • Jeff

        Whoa…800/month for just electric? What is the going rate for the slip and marina amenities there in Grenda?Love reading your all your posts and the pictures are awesome as well. Kind of wish you all had a vlog on Youtube as well.

        • Mark

          Hi Jeff,

          The marina is very nice. Much better than we expected. The slip fee is about $970 per month. The electric is a killer. A lot of folks here on the island do not have AC in their homes. I can’t imagine.

          Don’t hold your breath for the vlog πŸ™‚ It takes enough of our time keeping the blog going. I talked to Brian on sv Delos and it is incredible how much effort they put into their vlog. But then again, they put out a high quality product. They shoot a lot, and I mean a lot, of video to get the segments they post. And, the are much more computer savvy than us for the editing.

          Thanks for the note, we have carnival here soon that that should give us some good picture opportunities. Stay tuned.


  4. I love the post on Guadeloupe! What incredible, alive colors there. And your description of the morning and tea in the cockpit – lovely. Sorry about your sail. We’re doing repairs to ours as well. Plus we ordered a new one. Ah, well, life is good.

    • Mark

      This is one of those places that makes up for all the bad days we’ve had so far. We are so glad we got to enjoy this island. Had we not have been cruising, I doubt if we would have ever visited here. We plan to go back after hurricane season and hang about a little longer.

  5. Denis Dennehy

    We too had to repair a sail (failing clew) and had it done in the Saints. Found a sailmaker up the road a bit that did good work. They also agreed to adopt the bulldog of the Quebec family we were buddy boating with. Worked out great, we got a sail repair and they got another bulldog! Our kids still talk about the ice cream there – best in the Caribbean! Should you run into s/v Totem as you work down to Grenada say hi them from s/v Salt & Light!

    Denny & Rennie

    • Mark

      We didn’t know ice cream could taste this good.

      There must be an extension of the Bermuda triangle over this area. We have met about 10 people all who just blew out the tack on the jib. Eerie!

      We’ll keep an eye out for s/v Totem

  6. Mark

    Hello Mark and Cindy,

    My family has been looking for a cruising boat for a year (or more) sabbatical. We are considering an Amel SM and would like to know what you find lacking in the boat. There are many places to find the good stuff about any particular boat, but few have the type of experience that you do to tell us what’s not so great about them. Any wisdom you can share would be appreciated greatly!

  7. Marie Holmes

    We are going to be one of those many tourists in St Kitts this winter. We are taking an eight day Carnival cruise. It’s not as good as being on your own boat; but a nice little tease of Caribbean islands. It will do.

    Do you plan to stay in Grenada for a good long stretch?

    We are FINALLY on our boat in the UP north of Michigan. As I type we are sitting in the Traverse City harbor enjoying our morning coffee and tea. It is a beautiful morning on the lake. I love hearing the sound of the gulls and the water lapping lightly against the boat. Our vacation rushes by so fast; but for now I am one happy lady.

    I don’t blog on a regular basis; but if you’d like to read along on our trip we are:

    • Mark

      Hi Marie,

      Thanks for the link to your blog. We’ll give it a read. It is nice to be set for a while with good Wi-Fi. Yes, we are in Grenada until the end of October. So far we are really liking it here πŸ™‚

      • Marie Holmes

        We are back home Mark. I plan to finish the blog of our trip. Unfortunately the marinas in Michigan either don’t care or can’t figure out how to provide good wi-fi. Working in blogger is almost impossible it you don’t have a steady signal.

        I am back to twelve hour days; so it may take awhile but I will finish all my posts. I type them up on the ipad on travel days and then go to blogger and add my pictures once we are stationary. So, I have the words; I just need the time! LOL

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