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  1. Marie Holmes

    Hmmm, well most women learn to “hover” in public restrooms. The TP though; that is a deal breaker. I would definitely have to carry some. Not sure a black market in toilet seats and TP would be successful. They don’t seem to mind the lack.

    Love how colorful everything is there on Martinique. Combined with sun drenched days it must be just heavenly. 36 days till our Eastern Caribbean cruise. You can bet I am counting the days.

    • Mark

      It truly is very colorful. Despite the lack of paper goods, we love it! Hope you have blast on your cruise πŸ™‚

  2. MMM. Cream puffs! Sounds good to me!

  3. That’s a fun look back at 2017! I really like the picture of the fish parting. Here’s to an even better 2018 for you guys.

  4. I love so many of those photos: the turtle, the kayaks, all the incredible blue water. May 2018 be just as much fun for you! Happy New Year!

  5. Bob Norton, Jr.

    Cindy/Mark: following you for some time – time to give thanks for all the awesome photographs and great writing you both do. Hope to follow in your footsteps in a few years. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and safe and spectacular new year!

    • Mark

      Hello Bob and Merry Christmas to you. Thank you so much for the kind words. We wish you a happy new year and hope you get closer to your dream of one day sailing. We recommend it πŸ™‚

      Mark and Cindy

  6. Charles Singstad

    Hi Mark,
    I have been reading your site since you started. It’s always a pleasure. Thank you. We’ll be leaving TracenJ in Grenada for a couple of weeks next month while we fly home. Between Port Louis and LePhare Bleu, which is the better choice for proximity to activity, location, overall atmosphere. We’ll spend 2-3 days at each end on the marina stay on the boat before heading to Panama. Thanks.
    svTracenJ, Pacific Seacraft 44.

    • Mark

      Hi Charles,

      Thank you for the kind words about the blog.

      Port Louis Marina is a great marina in the heart of everything. It is well maintained and very clean! It is also on the number one bus route with an easy ride into St Georges and Anse Beach (EC$2.50 or US$1.00 each way). Foodland Grocery and Island Water World (boat parts) are within walking distance. Good restaurants on site. IGA Grocery is 10 mins on the bus.

      LePhare Blue is nice but it is in the middle of nowhere and requires a rental car or taxi to everything. Rental cars and taxi’s are very expensive on Grenada.

      Hope this helps,

      Merry Christmas

  7. Marie Holmes

    Ohhhh, good bread! Good bread is my downfall. I like nothing more than a fresh crusty baguette or a chewy bagel. Bakeries in the US are becoming dinosaurs. And of those that do still exist; many uses mixes and shortcuts. There is a French bakery near my hair stylist. Josef’s! All butter and real cream. My mother in law used to live around the corner. She would always tell me that she’d picked up this or that at “the devil’s place”. It took me months to realize that it was Josef’s that she was talking about!

    Are you heading north now?

    • Mark

      Marie, We love it, The Devil’s Place! Yes, there is something to be said for using real butter and cream.

      We are in fact heading north. Although we are not sure how far we will go this winter. We are thinking about stopping in Guadeloupe since most of the islands north of there were devastated by the storms this summer. We know a couple of boats that went from Grenada to the BVI and wrote back saying to not come. The lights are finally comming on in Puerto Rico but there is still a lot of clean up that needs to happen. So we are thinking about hanging in the southern islands. We are absolutely loving Martinique and are going to spend some time here, for sure. We may need to buy new clothes if we keep eating the pastries and bread.

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  8. Dale Costello

    Glad you had a pleasant ad safe sail to Martinique. Every once in a while, everything goes perfectly. Intended to comment on your stay in St. Lucia. Did not realize the extent of the crime factor and other negatives. Will cross that island off the list unfortunately, as the beauty is overwhelming. Looking forward to the net posting aboard Cream Puff.

    • Mark

      Hi Dale,
      Please do not let our experience influence you too much. Many cruisers have a good time there. We didn’t. Perhaps you will. On St. Lucia there are two somewhat safe places to go. Marigot Bay and Rodney Bay are the only places I would suggest. Everything else is iffy. A good thing about St. Lucia is the location between Martinique and Bequia. It eliminates the need to sail overnight.

      We have already fallen in love with Martinique. We have run into other sailors who have spent months sailing about the coasts here. I can see why. We too plan to spend time here. It is a gem of an island. Please make this one of your planned destinations.


    • Charles Singstad

      As a follow up to Mark’s reply about St Lucia, we felt St Lucia was a good stop. The Pitons are a wonderful site and you can hike up. The Rodney Bay Marina is an IGY facility. It is safe, fun, not too expensive and has great provisioning. If you don’t want to stay in the marina, the anchorage in Rodney Bay is also nice. Never felt unsafe, threatened, or annoyed by anybody. As far as the rest of the island goes, I agree that staying away is a probably a good idea.

      • Mark

        Agreed, except for the part about Rodney Bay Marina. We are boycotting IGY along with many other sailors: The marina office staff were some of the rudest people we have ever encountered in a business. They made several mistakes on our bill and somehow tried to blame it all on us. IGY is a crappy company. They are sueing boat owners who tried to ride out hurricane Irma in Simpson Bay at their facility (advertised as a hurricane hole). We have friend who lost his boat there as is being sued by IGY (along with all others) for “damage to their docks” Most sailors we know are boycotting IGY since they started this practice. It is a horrid PR move on their part. We will NEVER stay in an IGY marina again in support of our sailing friends having to deal with the wrath of IGY lawyers after surviving the wrath or Irma.

  9. Here’s to the Jacks of the world. May we all be as inspiring to others as he was to you. A touching and well written post in honor of someone who sounds like a good friend.

    • Thank you Melissa. It always puts a smile on my face to see your comments come up. Thank you for your kind words. Here’s to all those who inspire us to live our dreams. And, here’s hoping your continue to live yours too. We really enjoy reading your blog.
      Happy Sailing!

  10. Hail Bequia! You’ve added another must-see to our already long list. πŸ™‚
    And the lack of anchor light by Cruisers is a mind boggler. We’re (sadly) still in South Florida, but it’s surprising how many boats here aren’t properly lit too. What are they thinking?
    Love reading your adventures. I know from doing our blog how much work it is, so a big thank you for bringing us along with you! -“Til the Butter Melts”

    • Mark

      Thanks! We both enjoy doing the blog but for selfish reasons. We find it fun to look back at the places we have already visited. We take in so much so fast that it is easy to forget. It helps us relive some of our adventure. Also, we hope we can inspire someone else to follow a dream as many did for us.

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