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If you enjoy our site, here are links to people with similar interests. Some of these folks inspired us and some have been so kind as to share detailed information about their adventures. They have contributed to our plan in such a big way; I am not sure how we can express our gratitude. To those that have gone before us, a million thanks. To those that come behind us, we are glad if we could help. Enjoy:

This is a fantastic story about two Australian youngsters sailing Teleport, a junk rigged boat. They are transiting through the Northwest Passage. They include fabulous wildlife photography and videos. Be sure to start the blog at the beginning and follow the adventure. This is a must read blog for anyone interested in sailing, adventure, photography or wildlife. (Update: Sold the boat and are focusing on photography and guide careers – also perhaps a movie deal?)

A great blog by Bill and Judy Rouse who finished an 11 year and circumnavigation aboard BeBe an Amel (same type of boat as Cream Puff). Lots of great info here including budgets and the cost of cruising.

Tammy and Bruce author Things We Did Today and offer insight to the daily lives of newbie cruisers aboard their boat Dos Libras.

Your have to love the name of this blog, “Where the Coconuts Grow“. Two people and two dogs. (Update: Boat lost in Hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017)

Luna Sea “There’s so much of this world left to check out.  Let’s just see where the seas take us!”

Purveyors of eccentric seamanship.  The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick is a wonderful blog that started  because Ellen, living in New Zealand, wanted to stay in touch with her mom in Scotland. Cruising on a boat was an after thought. Ellen maintains one of the most extensive list of cruising or sailing blogs on the internet. Click here to see it.

Two very cute young ladies with no money offer insights of young adventurous spirits. Wonderful pictures and an interesting slant on life: Katie & Jessie aboard lovely Louise. Every post is guaranteed to have at least one picture to make you smile. The blog continues after the boat is sold and now an Atlantic crossing is in the works. (Update: Jessie is now getting married and has a new crew)

SeaUs Sailing is a very cool blog. These folks must be techno-geeks as well as sailors. We struggle with the technical stuff on the blog. These guys obviously do not.

Little Cunning Plan: A tale of sailing Galapagos to Galapagos by Melissa White

Oh, to be this young and carefree again! Delos has some really cool videos and is quite artsy. If you haven’t heard of the Delos crew and their awesome v-blog, you need some help working the Google machine.

A family on a cat with adventurous spirits and a shoestring budget:  Full Monty

Buddy & Melissa Stockwell who unknowingly continued our inspiration to cruise. They did 6 years in the Caribbean and now live in Louisiana:

Shannon, Shawn and the pups set out on Banjo a 1978 Walkover model CSY 44′ beautiful sloop.

On David and Kathy Kane’s website you’ll find over 1900 posts and thousands of photos from their 8 year sailing adventure:

A cute couple and their adorable daughter from Georgia look for a boat and have a dream: Sailboat Story

“It’s amazing how once the decision was made (to sail) our whole thought process changed” Ken and Cheryl aboard a Catalina 30 Nirvana You can follow them on their blog Mid-Life Cruisin

Keith & Nicki, s/v Sionna  Remember: If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!

Cruising Outpost also offers an extensive list of blogs submitted by cruising sailors here.


If you know of any other great sailing blogs, please send us a comment.




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