About Us

We are Mark and Cindy. We have been married longer than we were single. We have both traveled extensively. We love to travel, experience new culture and fill our senses with the joys the world has to offer. Sailing is not our preferred method of travel, NetJets is ~ if only. Sailing off to far away places and lands unknown just seem to make sense. Cindy loves history and writing. Mark loves photography and writing. Between us, we think we can do a pretty cool blog. The blog is mainly for us as we do not want to forget a single moment of this adventure. However, we thought we would share so you can come too.

About Cindy – The sweetheart and stable one.

About Mark – Mark was a Viking in a previous life. He loves to sail and cause trouble wherever he goes. He’ll strike up a conversation with everyone.

The Plan – We have been planning our early retirement and sailing adventure for over 25 years. The plan was fine tuned over the year but the outcome never changed. He’s how we did it.

Links We Follow – We have followed other sailors. Some are very experience and others, like us, just starting out. We tend to enjoy the blogs were the writers do not hold back. We like to see the good and bad.

Questions Women Ask – This is our most viewed pages. Cindy wrote this and no doubt will add to it as more questions arise. Other women would pull Cindy aside and asked very personal questions. We think they thought Cindy was going to be held hostage on a boat by Mark.

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