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  1. Ellen

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed them. its damp and cloudy here! Your views are much better!

  2. Marie Holmes

    Good morning, It is 7:30am in Michigan, google tells me that you are still sleeping. You are six hours behind us.

    Today it was 34 degrees when we got moving. Your beautiful sunny pictures and colorful clothing look so lovely. We are rapidly moving to the bundled up winter coat, boots, hats and gloves look. Our boat came out of the water last Wednesday; she is up on the hard for the winter and waiting for her winter coat. (Shrink Wrap)

    I read with interest your take on the Corona Virus, Covid 19. I like the odds posted; I will be betting on you! We are a divided household when it comes to the virus. My husband believes it is all pretty much overblown and the statistics are fudged, faked and or collected poorly. One would think the death rate would tell the story; but he swears he hears tales of deaths that were not Covid; being attributed to that. He hates wearing a mask and feels he should have a choice; he does tend to hyperventilate. I have been doing ALL the shopping; (Home Depot, Kroger, etc) because Dan hates the mask. Until today; we were mandated in Michigan to wear one. Our state supreme court just struck that down. So we will see what we see.

    I on the other hand believe as you do. I believe my odds are good; I wear a mask in public; always. I think it is a matter of respect for others. I am careful about washing hands and using sanitizer. I am awful about touching my face however. I really try; but it is a very unconcious thing.

    We don’t go out much. We eat an occasional meal in a restaurant. We have not been in any big groups. Our circle is pretty small. Hubby is not back to work; and it looks like he is now retired. I am working; masks are not required here and I am in a cubicle with tall walls and we are 8 feet apart. We do have to wear masks when someone from the big three comes in. They are mandated to do so by their companies. We have two employees here that wear a mask at all times by their own choice.

    Enjoy the day!!

    • Mark

      Burrrr! 34. No thanks!

      I think the truth on the numbers is somewhere between you and your husband. There is only one cause of death allowed in the USA. If someone dies of a heart attack and they happen to be positive for the virus, it is mandated the virus must be reported as the cause of death. The real number that matters is the number of deaths over and above the normal deaths. It is not small but certainly not as large as the media is claiming. Here is a really good read about how Sweeden handled the virus:

      The Finacial Times is usually a paid subscription but this particular article is free. IMO – The FT is one of the few news reporting agencies left without a political agenda or bias. Personally, I think the lockdowns and government intervention in most countries have prolonged the virus as it can spread unchecked. It needs either a herd immunity or vaccine strategy to crush it. Of which, right now there is only one option.

  3. Well what fun! This post makes me miss cruising all the more. However, now I won’t be able to sleep not knowing how much that interesting looking boat hybrid costs for their adventures at sea.

    • Mark

      Hi Melissa, here is their site: However, they do not advertise any pricing on their site. You have to send them an email. It is a sorta cool approach for some travelers wanting to see very remote places and not having access to their own boat. They are really struggling for business due to the virus. I would have thought they’d offer discounts to people to fill the cabins. They do, but only to island residents. They can pay half-price. I would tell you how much it is, but I deleted the email knowing it was waaaaaaay beyond anything we’d consider paying.

  4. On the VHF problem. Check your anchor light. Some models have such terrible interference it makes the VHF essentially worthless – took us a long time to figure this out with ours. Easy enough to check by turning the anchor light on, then trying to transmit – then checking the same range with a handheld. If the handheld works and the ship’s radio does not, then it’s likely the anchor light. Good luck.

    • Mark

      Hi Nica, Thanks for taking the time to help. We have swapped the cable in the back of the VHF radio between the main mast (the vhf antenna) and the mizzen mast (AIS antenna). This would eliminate the possibility of anchor light interference. I am pretty certain the problem is the VHF radio itself. It has been intermittently problematic for some time. I plan to upgrade all the cables while installing the new radio.

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