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  1. Charles Singstad

    Man oh man. Where in the sea are you? FP not the place to be. Want to hear how you’re strategizing this one. Detour to Hawaii?…….
    Charlie Singstad svTracenJ

  2. Marie Holmes

    Always a delight to see a post from you in my inbox. What is UP with the Manchineal tree? Yikes. WHY? is right.

    I love museums. Sorry to hear what a disappointment that one was.

    Looking forward to 50 degrees all week. Yay! Started a new walking regimen last month. Took my bike in for service. Really looking forward to nicer weather.

    Life is definitely weird here with Covid 19. Don’t even like to look at our 401ks. It was nasty last week. I know we will recover; it is just a bit scary. On a good note; the fed just bottomed out interest rates; we may refinance the boat!

    Have a good week!

  3. Marie Holmes

    How smart you are to find guides that really help learn about your location. Those turtles are Ah Mazing. While circumnavigating in only a year might be goal; I like the pace you guys set. If I was only going to do this once; I would surely NOT want to miss much along the way.

    We were out at the boat yesterday. Dan has been out most weekends doing projects; but yesterday he needed my help to mount our flag staff in a different location. It involved a new inspection hole; his arm up to the shoulder inside and me on the outside holding down the screws as he fumbled, err, located the nuts on the inside. Fun times. It was a very pleasant 55 degrees out. (We know that is only a tease; we’ve gotten some of our biggest snowstorms in April)

    Living vicariously through our Cream Puff cruiser friends…..

  4. Marie Holmes

    Love the picture of the posing seal!

  5. Marie Holmes

    Congratulations cruisers! So happy to hear that you arrived safely and without much in the way of issue. Your onboard computer sounds amazing. From almost to ghe point of running out of fuel; to arriving a day early with half full tanks is incredible.

    The photo of your inspection crew tells quite a story. I think I can understand the clean bottom requirement. But if it’s not applied equally; what is the point? It almost sounds like the costs associated with cruising creates jobs.

    I love reading your stories; you make me anxious for boat weather. About ninety days to go…..

    • Mark

      Thank you. Sorry, you have 90 days to go. It’s been so long that we’ve sailed in cool weather I can’t remember the last time. I think it might have been when we were departing the Chesapeake Bay. Sometimes on the hot days here we long for cool weather 🙂

      We agree the jobs here are all 100% dependent on tourism. Creating government positions helps their local economy. We have seen this on many islands we’ve visited. They prefer to create a job than streamline a process.

  6. Marie

    What a year you’ve had! I look forward to your posts on the Galapagos and your Pacific crossing. You are my retirement hero’s!

    • Thank you Marie! You are too kind. And thank you for following along. You always brighten our day with your kind comments. We hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you a wonderful 2020. The posts will become a bit further apart as we enter areas without any or consistent wifi but we will try our best to keep the blog updated.

  7. Marie

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Bob Norton

    Mark/Cindy – thank you for all the writing and fantastic photos. You make an okay day become awesome when I see your latest entry pop into my in-box. Please enjoy this holiday, and nothing but best wishes for a safe an wonderful 2020 aboard the Puffster.

    • Thanks Bob! That is very nice of you to say. We are glad there are people who enjoy our scribbles and photos. Mark does most of the writing. I help edit. Some posts we co-write. The photos are mostly by me but Mark takes a few as well. It is nice to be able to look back over some of the posts from years gone by and remember places we visit. It is nice to hear from people who enjoy it too. Thanks for following along.

  9. Robert Newsome

    Hello…technical question about your webpage. What type of service/web editor did you use to create the SV Creampuff page? I’d like to create one for my sail racing team….


    • Hello Robert. We use WordPress. The blog is about 6 or 7 years old. It is easy to use and set up.

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