I know this is against the norm in the blogging world but, I try to keep the site clean and easy to read for our reader’s enjoyment. For this reason, I opted to keep comments to one page. We would love to hear from you. Do not let my wacky thought process deter you from expressing your feelings regarding our postings or another items of interest you want to share.

  • Thoughts on the cruising lifestyle?
  • Do you have an favorite sailing destination or a place you think we should avoid?
  • Send us your favorite recipe.
  • Have you read any good books lately?
  • What would you like to know about us?

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  1. I had a good laugh about your one pair of extra flip flops. On board Galapagos, I have many pairs of sandals. Many. Maybe 15. They live in one place (ok, some of them live up in the cockpit in a basket) but I pretty much wear one of two pairs all the time. The others are my ‘back up’ sandals.Many sailors think this is an excessive number of shoes but their opinion is meaningless to me. I also have a pair of hiking boots and a pair of tennis shoes. Mike learned a valuable lesson last year (read: he learned to listen to me) when he discovered that his one pair of sandals was hurting his feet. Rubbing, blistering, etc. There was no help for it but that he needed to dig out his extra pair…which he DID NOT HAVE BECAUSE HE DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME when I told him he should likely not leave the dock without backup footwear. Oh the pain. We are in Mexico. They do not have the selection here that we have at home in our extraordinarily too-many-choices country. Mexicans also, as a rule, have smaller feet. So he has had to look long and hard for another pair of shoes. We finally found a nice pair of Crocs and paid a premium for them at one of the local resorts. His feet are happier than our wallet now. But we’ll be making another visit home this summer during sandal season. Guess who will be coming back to Mexico with some backup footwear? Not me. I already have plenty.

    • Mark

      When will us fellers learn to listen to the smarter half of the marriage? LOL

      I have never owned a pair of Crocs. Neither has Cindy.

      BTW – we are thinking about a canal transit in the July’ish time frame. This puts us on your side of the continent. No doubt we will hang about Panama for a while so there is a chance we may bump into you 🙂

      • Cool! We’ll be on the lookout for the guy with one pair of flip flops. And I hear you about crocs. But beggars can’t be choosers. They aren’t the first choice for sure, although these have a fabric top and seem pretty comfortable. Still, as a fashion statement, forget about it.

  2. Dale Costello

    Thank you for your posts, unless read and thoroughly enjoy every one. I would start my own blog, but have no idea where or how to start. Tips?

    • Mark

      The University of You-Tube is a great place to start. We use wordpress as a host. It is pretty easy to understand and set up.

  3. Congrats on four years! It seems like just yesterday you guys were setting off – time does fly.

    • Mark

      Thanks Ellen! Some days it seems as though time has flown and other days, well… not so much. It is not an easy lifestyle but it is well worth the efforts. When we started, a lot of people asked how long we plan to cruise. We said, we will do it for as long as we enjoy it. I guess we are still enjoying it 🙂

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