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  1. Kate

    I’ve just been reading your Fakarava pieces, and loving the memories they bring back – as well as the realisation that life isn’t really so very different out of lockdown! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures.

    • Hi Kate,
      We are glad you are enjoying the blog.

      The only difference between now and when you visited during lockdown is that there are many times more boats and what was closed is now open again. 🙂 When we were in Rotoava, Fakarava I counted over sixty boats in the anchorage. Boats were on top of each other trying to find space in most parts of the atoll. Due to the overwhelming number of boats visiting French Polynesia this year, Fakarava and many other atolls and islands will be putting in moorings bouys to limit the number of boats. There is a huge concern about boaters tearing up the seabed and coral. Many cruisers were not floating their chains. We watched as most of those who did not float their chain got caught on coral.

      There were a lot of boaters stuck in other countries during COVID who wanted to come to French Polynesia. Two years of backlog of cruisers plus rallies who were double in size this year equals many more boats than a normal season. It put a strain on many of the resource throughout all of French Polynesia and caused quite a bit of tension. I think it will take another year of crowds before things calm down. But, with the amount of people taking up the cruiser lifestyle, I don’t think anyone will have the idyllic, uncrowded conditions you guys had during COVID lockdowns. 🙂 I think those times might hve past. 🙂
      Great to hear from you. We hope you are both doing well. Keep in touch.

  2. Pam Zurek

    Hi Mark & Cindy: LOVED reading your 7 year post, and I gotta say, the photo of the seal looking through your hatch was my favorite! Take care my friends. Sending hugs from Belgrade! Pam

    • Hi Pam,
      Great to hear from you guys! Thanks for the comment on our post. It was one of those posts that took days to do because we were having so much fun looking back over pictures and places. Good times then and more to come.
      We hope you guys are having fun and enjoying your adventures too. Have a great time in Belgrade!
      Keep in touch. Take care. Hugs back to you both.

  3. Hello Becky,
    Thank you for you for following our blog. Thank you for your kind words pointing out our error. Since we wanted to be sure we corrected the mistake properly, we went to the internet for confirmation of the proper pronunciation. We found the following link. The grievous error has been corrected.

  4. Jonathan Ingles

    I have been following your blog for a couple years now (and went back and read everything from the beginning). I appreciate your approach to sailing and life in general and it has been great following along with you folks. In your early posts you referenced BeBe’s financial estimates and, if it’s not too much to ask, did you find their actual numbers reasonably close to your reality? Still a couple years out from starting our own similar adventure and wanting to know if the baseline numbers we are using are crazy or not. Of course it can be done for $15k a year or 1.5M but your general lifestyle seems a reasonable middle ground.

    Thanks for keeping doing this blog and know the enjoyment that it brings many of us.

  5. Charles Singstad

    Do you have any sailing plans, moving west this year? Would love to hear about that.

    • Mark

      Hi Charles, So far we don’t have plans to go west, yet. Too many countries are still closed to private boats due to Covid (although at this point the closures seem futile – especially if they allow air travel). When we entered FP our boat was granted a 3-year cruising permit (now limited to 2 years for arrivals). And, with a CDS we can stay as residents for as long as we wish (renewable each year). If you ask the same question this time next year, I think then we’ll be looking to move one since we’ll be nearing the end of our permit. In the meantime, we plan to hit the atolls and enjoy FP.

  6. i always enjoy a good update from you guys and am glad you got that bottom repainted for nothing (and also the paint for nothing) even though that took a lot of dedication on your part. I think another skill Mark has is knowing how to locate a CEO email address. Unless that’s on LinkedIn I’m not sure I would have found that, but smooth move! We are all boostered here but, of course, large swathes of our population honestly believes that Bill Gates is microchipping people with the vaccine (or…chose your conspiracy theory and insert here) so we will probably never reach full vaccine status.

    • Mark

      Congrats on being fully vaxxed. Even in French Poly, we’ve had people tell us they do not want a chip put into them with the vaccination serum. I laugh hard and point at their smartphones.

      I am really not as smart as you give me credit for – LOL. For the CEO’s email, most can be found here: If not, I usually start with the – this works most of the time. LinkedIn is a good source to get a higher-up executive.

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