I know this is against the norm in the blogging world but, I try to keep the site clean and easy to read for our reader’s enjoyment. For this reason, I opted to keep comments to one page. We would love to hear from you. Do not let my wacky thought process deter you from expressing your feelings regarding our postings or another items of interest you want to share.

  • Thoughts on the cruising lifestyle?
  • Do you have an favorite sailing destination or a place you think we should avoid?
  • Send us your favorite recipe.
  • Have you read any good books lately?
  • What would you like to know about us?

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  1. Marie H

    I am always wowed by your adventures. You probably don’t think about yourselves this way; but you are very brave. It takes a lot to completely leave your comfort zone and learn and make your way in a wonderfully different lifestyle. It would be tough to have to make the decision you are making now. I would imagine staying in the southern latitudes would be much less expensive than heading north. Have you ever wanted to cruise the coast of California, Oregon, Washington? What about Alaska?

    My daughter lives two miles from a Sams club, 2 1/2miles from Costco; and now they are building a PriceMart within a mile of them both. I will be interested to see how they compare.

    We picked up our new boat three days ago. We crossed Lake Michigan from Sheboygan, WI and are currently in Frankfort. We leave tomorrow for our Cheboygan in Michigan. We look forward to spending the 4th of July there. I love the new boat; hubby is still reserving judgement a bit. We did have a couple issues; but things are good now, at this moment in time. With a boat each moment that you don’t have something going on is a good moment.

    Really appreciate your continued blog.

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