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  1. Marie Holmes

    Still reading….just been busy at work and not commenting! I did have to say how much I enjoyed your recent food post. I think my family’s motto is: Live to Eat, not Eat to Live. Tahiti sounds wonderful…..

  2. Ellen

    I guess that waterfall was not impressive! Or what you thought it might be! I would love to spend a night in one of those over the water rooms!

  3. Ellen

    Mo’orea, WOW, beautiful! and the ride over, what a beautiful ride. How clean, and Breakfast???? Love reading your posts! will have to post about the Airbb…..


    • Mark

      I don’t think my pictures do the island justice. It is stunningly beautiful 🙂

  4. Jeff Williams

    Guys, great blog. Very well written and entertaining. Hope to follow you guys out in the ocean soon!

    • Mark

      Thanks, Jeff. And, we hope to see you on the ocean sometime soon 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your successfull journey. Hopefully you can stay there for awhile. Good article full of handy advice. And what a nice ship is Cream Puff! My wife and I hope to do the same, but first get a bluewater cruiser. Ahoy!

    • Mark

      Thank you! And, we hope to see you and your wife out here someday soon 🙂


  6. Taking these words of yours to heart as we prepare to sail off to Hawaii and then north. Glad you made it! For awhile I was worried you got stuck in the Galapagos.

    • Mark

      Galapagos would not be a bad place to get stuck 🙂 We loved it there!


  7. Michelle Fanwick

    Congratulations on reaching Tahiti. I’m grateful fir all you share because it gives me a glimpse of adventures at sea:)

  8. Hi Mark & Cindy,
    Glad to know you guys made it to a good port before the borders shut down. Thanks for sharing your adventures in such great detail and with great humor. Reading your blog is definitely a highlight for me; I literally laugh out loud at Mark’s humor and love traveling vicariously through you both in such beautiful places. As I am planning to follow in your footsteps on an Amel SM, I also truly appreciate your knowledge and experience on the Amel email forum. Thanks again, and stay safe.

  9. Julie

    I love y our blog. Hope to follow in your footsteps some day. I can’t wait to hear about your crossing. It must have been crazy to leave Galapagos when COVID was a bit of a worry, only to find the whole world changed and you couldn’t land in the marquesas… I would have been so desperate for land at that point, it would have died to go another 1,000 miles to tahiti. (can’t believe I just said I wouldn’t have wanted to go to tahiti!) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your longest passage ever, and what quarantine in tahiti is like.

    • Mark

      Awe! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we are safely in Tahiti anchored in the most beautiful cove. Unfortunately, very sloooooow internet. We have a couple of posts coming soon. Stay tuned 🙂


  10. Marie Holmes

    Thinking about you guys in the great blue Pacific. I imagine you as still a few days out from French Polynesia. I hope the crossing went well and you were welcomed on the opposite side of the sea. Life here is pretty crazy still. Michigan’s governor is not well liked at the moment. We are hoping for a lifting of the STAY at home order by May 4th. Life goes on of course. Very isolated and very quiet. (not that you would know what isolation is like LOL)

    We are doing our part by limiting our exposure out in the big world. Missing friends and family. Wishing we could help out those under isolation more.

    Eagerly looking forward to your next post!!

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