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Have I told you lately how much I hate my SSB radio? This continues to be the project from hell. I have just spent the last 6 days installing the final components during which my body was upside-down, pretzelized, compacted, stretched and turned inside out. I am now convince to be capable of installing electronic components on a vessel, a person needs at least four hands with arms able to extend to twice the normal length, eyes in the top of their head and removable legs (I guess they would also have to be re-attachable). Now, here it sit only to be stumped by an interference problem. When I transmit on the radio, my AIS crashes, my router blows up and the computer reboots. Other than that, it works fine.

The Problem Child

The Problem Child

The coax cable from the SSB radio to the automatic tuner located in the lazarette (trunk) runs through the same conduit as thy antenna cables for the GPS, AIS and wi-fi booster. Obviously the coax cable for the SSB is putting out some sort of bad vibe and causing the other electronics to run for cover. I have checked and re-check the connections for shorts etc. Right now, I am just taking a break before I float test it.

Definition of float test: Throw it over the side of the boat. If it floats, I keep it. If it sinks, oh well.

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