All Is Lost


So, I watched the movie. Cindy didn’t want to watch it. Cindy, as it turns out, is the smarter one. What do I have in common with Robert Redford? We both lost something. He lost his boat and I lost one hundred and six minutes of my life.

Cindy’s decision not to watch was based on previous experiences with various sailing publications to which we used to subscribe. Yes, we are that old we remember when magazines were once printed on paper and delivered via the United States Postal Service. Her thought process being all stories regarding sailing begin with the words, “it was a beautiful day and then out of nowhere came….”. It has taken me years to convince her not every boat sailing over the horizon is destined for doom.

I am by no means a qualified movie critic. So, I am not going to go there. However, I do think something was missing, something that could have made the movie and clenched the Oscar for Best Picture.  It needed a cameo appearance from Wilson. Remember Tom Hanks’ co-star Wilson from Castaway? Just imagine if Wilson came bobbing by the life raft. Now, that would have been a movie maker!




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