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Cindy organizes our books

Cindy organizes our books

For the past few years, we have stashed a few books in the closet with good intentions of reading them later. Almost all the books you see here where given to us or we swapped with some of our friends. Knowing one day we would be sailing and have some time for rest and relaxation in isolated anchorages of tropical islands (that sounds nice, doesn’t it?), we build up a pretty good stash.

Most marinas have book shelves for people to donate or take free books. Some might be missing a few pages. Others might have a peculiar odor. But, the price is right. In addition to the books you see here, we have already donated about fifty books to our marina’s library. Our marina has hundreds of books. Every once in a while, a real gem can be found. We are both of the belief a book doesn’t have to be new or a best seller to be good. We hope to swap books and DVDs with other cruisers we meet along the way. We have a pretty good start and this should keep us busy for a little while.

Why not get a Kindle you ask? I guarantee you the pile of books you see here cost us less than a Kindle. Another great thing about a book is when we are done with them, we can pass the joy to others for free and swap for books new to us. Until I can do that with a Kindle, I will stick to the old fashioned format. I am not opposed to Kindles. But, I think I will hold out until the world as we know it runs out of the old fashioned paper books. I figure the tree has already made the sacrifice, why not read them.

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