Whining About Wine

Who would have thought buying wine would be hard. Seriously!

Cindy and I have spent most of our married life in Georgia. Georgia had some very strange laws when we moved there. I remember the very first night we arrived in Georgia after a long drive from Texas. We checked into a Residence Inn (they have the mini kitchens). We thought we would go to the grocery store for some basic goodies to stock the kitchen. While there we put a couple of bottles of wine into the cart. While we waited in the checkout line, the person in front of us turned around and said, “You’re not from here, are you?” Now, how did they know that? It was because we were trying to buy alcohol on a Sunday. We reluctantly put the wine back on the shelf.

Later that week, we went to the store again. We put wine in the cart. We went to the register. This time we got all the way to the cashier, “I’m sorry sir. I can’t sell you the wine today”.  Now what? The cashier explained it was Election Day and Georgia prohibited the sale of alcohol on Election Day. We both joked about how much a lot of alcohol would help matters on Election Day but alas we walked out empty handed.

During our time in the peachy state, Georgia relaxed it blue laws and alcohol sales. We didn’t really understand how bars could be open on Sundays and sell adult beverages. Also, restaurants could sell alcohol on Sundays. But, it was illegal to buy it in the store. We witness firsthand the very first Sunday where people could by Alcohol after the law changed. I remember the change was very controversial and some people were outraged by the law amendment. Years later looking back, it cannot be said Sunday alcohol sales caused the demise of morality within the state.

During our recent visit to the Chesapeake Bay, we were reminded about the silly regulations regarding the selling of alcohol. We were in a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Maryland. You know the stores. They are massive. It takes you an hour to walk from the pharmacy to the sporting goods. You can buy a Christmas tree, guns and bullets all in the same store. We asked an employee to direct us toward the beer section. He looked at me like I was from another planet. Seriously, I am not making this part up. He said, “You’re not from here are you?”

We love Florida. We can buy beer, wine and spirits on any day of the week. And get this. They deliver it to the boat (with the help of Fedex Ground). Life is good. Life is better still with wine.

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Yeay! The wine arrived.

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