Owning a boat and a house has a lot of pluses and a few negatives. One of the down falls is that you have double the chores. I either read or heard someone categorize chores into blue chores and pink chores. The phrase is quite self explanatory and I am sure you already have mental images. Recently, I decided this phrase needs expansion; I have decided that there are purple and gray chores as well.

Purple chores are when you mix blue and pink. These jobs are often done together or shared. I often help with blue jobs and Mark often helps me with pink jobs. I like to work with my hands and tools so I pitch in with a lot of the blue jobs. Sometimes blue is blue and pink is pink but most often the chores on the boat stay sort of purple.

Gray chores are the chores no one wants to do. A little dark cloud settles over us and the mood changes. Each hoping the other will volunteer. There’s the usual, “I did it last time” discussion we all know too well. In the end someone has to do it and it gets done grudgingly. The little black cloud hanging around the entire time. We will usually pop open a cold drink to celebrate when the gray jobs are finished. It is the least we can do, next time it will be the other person grumpily going about doing the gray chore.

I have no words of wisdom to end this subject, just an observation. From years of knowing and observing couples I’ve learned, the more purple there is the less gray there is.

Of course, to quote Dennis Miller with my favorite quote, “that is just my opinion, I could be wrong”.  :)

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