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Searching for Flamingos

Sometimes there are desires in life that take awhile to come to fruition. When we were in the Bahamas a couple year ago, I had hoped to see the flamingos on Great Inagua Island. The Inagua Islands are the southernmost islands in the Bahamas. It is reported that there are between 20,000 and 80,000 flamingos each […]

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A Thank You to Our Furry Hosts and Hostesses

As Mark’s post said,  our USA trip was a busy one. The time flew by as we checked off a lot of land life items that needed attention. But the best part of the trip was the time we spent with family and friends. That part of the trip past much too quickly. It was […]

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A Quick Trip Back to Saint Lucia

It is so awesome to hear and read English again! I can actually read the labels on the products in the store and I know what I am getting without the use of a translator! Not like Martinique where I bought body wash instead of hair conditioner because I forgot to take the translator with […]

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Meet Karl. Karl was responsible for getting us around Martinique for seven days. You have no idea how happy I am to call an inanimate object a “Him” instead of a “Her” for a change. Referring to a boat, plane or any lifeless object as female or male has always annoyed me. My Father was […]

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Some of our Favorite Memories: 2017 Cruising Season

While hanging out in the cockpit one night, Mark and I were reminiscing about 2017 coming to a close. We thought it would be fun to do a blog post on some of our favorite things this year. We hope you enjoy it too. We go slow. So far this year we have sailed or […]

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Whenever I think of our friend Jack, a vivid memory comes to mind. James Brown is singing “I Feel Good” at high volume through the speakers of his boat. Jack is wiggling his bottom to the music and swinging around the cockpit. He is busy pouring us a second helping of the most potent yummy […]

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Condiments on a Boat

One of the big factors of what we bring aboard Cream Puff is space. Where is it going to go? Does it need to be readily accessible? Does it need refrigeration or to be frozen? When it comes to refrigeration another question becomes important; do we use it often enough for it to take up […]

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It is not often we get to see a palm tree growing from a coconut. The coconuts are usually picked before they hit the ground or picked up shortly afterwards. When Mark and I hiking through Humacao National Reserve we saw hundreds of coconuts growing into Palm trees. Here are a few pictures: Interesting fact […]

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Habla Usted Inglés? In Puerto Rico

We are having fun trying to communicate while finding our way around Puerto Rico where the predominant language is Spanish. It is one of the fun parts of our adventure. To complicate matters, the Puerto Rican language is a different dialect from the little bit of Spanish I remember. My translation app does not always […]

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The Bars of Puerto Rico

As Mark and I traveled Puerto Rico one of the first things I noticed was the vivid colors. The bright colors with the back drop of the beautiful mountains and blue water of the ocean makes this a breathtaking island. The second thing I noticed as we travel the island is the wrought iron work everywhere. The use of ornate […]

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Spoil the Women and the Men will Come

Earlier this week Mark posted about Palmas del Mar. This is Cindy’s addition to the post. I always get a bit uneasy as we approach a marina for the first time. Things happen quickly when backing into a slip. Things can go from good to bad fast, especially in high winds. And, like most cruisers, […]

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Communications on a Boat (Part Three)

Our new InReach by Garmin–Wow, is this little gizmo fun! Our friends, Ian and Margaret, on Loca Lola II sent us the link to their InReach by Garmin last year. We loved it! It did not take Mark and I long to decide to purchase one for ourselves. The InReach device uses Iridium satellite to […]

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Time to Leave Turks and Caicos Islands

If the British Virgin Islands are the play ground for charter boats, the Bahamas are the play ground for beginning cruisers, I think I will dub Turks and Caicos Islands the turnstile for the Caribbean. All of the cruisers we met in Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) were on their way someplace else. Some boaters […]

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Communication on a Boat-Part Two

A few years ago we went to some seminars at the St. Petersburg Boat Show. One of the seminars was about docking, mooring and anchoring. We had anchored before but mostly in the bay. We had never moored. We thought it would be a good idea to hear what the more experienced boaters had to say. The […]

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Trash Day

We have not been in a place to drop off trash since we left Bimini. The Exuma Land and Sea Park’s rule is what you take in you must take out. We had a month’s worth of trash. Two contractor size bags full of smaller trash bags. We  double bagged the larger bags to keep […]

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