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Yikes! This Blog is Getting Rusty

Cindy has returned from an extended visit to her family – yay! Unfortunately, just like any other time we’ve traveled internationally by plane, she caught a cold on the return trip. Thankfully, it was on the return so as not to spoil her visit. However, we’ve passed this darn cold back and forth now for […]

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Pape’ete Murals and Other Crazy Ramblings

We recently learned that Pape’ete, about once per year, has an artist paint a mural in the town. During our walkabouts, we are awestruck by some of these fabulous giant works of art. Aruba and St Petersburg are a couple of other places we’ve visited with murals. Besides the incredible creativity and unbelievable art, these […]

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We are Tourists

Before we arrive in a new place I like to read about the etiquette. It is important to me that I don’t upset anyone or their values. Recently an article I was reading had a paragraph about how to fit in and not stand out as a tourist. It occurred to me that I can […]

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Check Ups

  A warning to any readers in the United States, this is probably going to upset you. If it doesn’t, it should. In previous posts, I have mentioned more than once about getting Cream Puff ready for our next passage. We are getting ready to go to the boonies. The next two legs will be […]

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Tragedy Adverted

Today could have turned out to be a very bad day for me had I not possessed the foresight to plan ahead. Cruising on a boat forces a person to live with less. Deciding to stock a spare pump over an extra pair of shoes are common decisions made by cruisers when prioritizing space aboard […]

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Rockport Strong

We are back in our old stomping grounds. We made a stop in San Antonio for a week to visit Cindy’s sister. For the past few days we have traveled around the Corpus Christi Bay area in Texas. I can’t believe I can write sentences beginning with the words, “Thirty years ago”. This makes me […]

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Some of our Favorite Memories: 2017 Cruising Season

While hanging out in the cockpit one night, Mark and I were reminiscing about 2017 coming to a close. We thought it would be fun to do a blog post on some of our favorite things this year. We hope you enjoy it too. We go slow. So far this year we have sailed or […]

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Joyeux Noël

It’s Christmas time in the Caribbean. There is no snow. It is sunny and hot, always. I don’t really understand how Santa’s magic sled is supposed to work without the snow. That sled is going to make a hell of a mark on the roof when it lands. There are no chimneys for Santa to […]

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Whenever I think of our friend Jack, a vivid memory comes to mind. James Brown is singing “I Feel Good” at high volume through the speakers of his boat. Jack is wiggling his bottom to the music and swinging around the cockpit. He is busy pouring us a second helping of the most potent yummy […]

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Our One-Year Anniversary

  Exactly one year ago today, we posted Earning Checkmarks signifying our departure from Atlanta and selling our home of over 20 years. Did we make a mistake? Is it everything we thought it would be? Are we going to carry on?   Mark’s thoughts….   Life on a boat is a little harder than […]

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Moving South

Mona (our third crew member) joined us on our trip south from Deltaville, VA. She spoiled us with a big batch of Mona Cookies. The marina we stayed at (where the Coast Guard towed us) was great. Deltaville VA has a lot of marinas but the town is really lacking. They really have nothing at all to […]

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Fernandina Beach

Meet the third member of the Cream Puff crew. Mona is our land contact and knows the whereabouts of Cream Puff at all times. During ocean passages, we check in at predetermined times. If we don’t check in, Mona has a protocol to alert authorities. She is also the primary contact in case an EPIRB […]

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Gone Sailin’

Early this morning, Cream Puff slipped her mooring lines as we embarked upon our new life as full time cruisers. What is a cruiser? There are many definitions of a cruiser; see Cindy’s post for her explanation about the different ways people can travel by boat. For me, a cruiser has always been a sailor […]

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Fifty Shades of Gray ….. but not What You are Thinking

  It is nice that in these days and times people have more options when it comes to hairstyles. I would have loved to have had the blue or pink streaks added to my hair when I was young. Much to my family’s delight this idea was not invented until I was too old to […]

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Losing My Keys

  I guess I really have not given key chains much thought over the past 30 years or so. That is, until today. I remember my first key chain. I was not even close to driving age yet but I had a little key chain. The novelty of buying souvenirs at roadside stops was new to […]

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