Joyeux Noël

It’s Christmas time in the Caribbean. There is no snow. It is sunny and hot, always. I don’t really understand how Santa’s magic sled is supposed to work without the snow. That sled is going to make a hell of a mark on the roof when it lands. There are no chimneys for Santa to go down. So how does he deliver the presents? And, Santa has to be absolutely dying in his stifling thick red fur lined suit. It is so hot here. I might have already mentioned how hot it is here. Note to Santa: Stay hydrated!

Christmas is a little different herein the Caribbean islands. We noticed a couple of Santa Clauses hanging from ropes off peoples balconies. I thought perhaps they were leftover Halloween decorations and a sick prank with a suicide Santa theme.  Then we started to realize these were everywhere. So this prompted the question, why do people have Santa Clauses hanging about. Using our rather pitiful French, we asked about Martinique and discovered the answer. It is because there are no chimneys here so Santa climbs a rope into the house with the gifts.

Backtrack a few years: We were in Florida. I tend to look at houses and the cost of living when we stop somewhere. Keep in mind we do not have a traditional home. It is inevitable one day, and I hope not very soon, we will need to adapt back to land life and live in a real house again. We have no earthly idea where or when this will be. I am still hopeful one day we’ll sail into a port and love it so much we will make it home. This hasn’t happened yet. A person can dream, can’t they? While in Florida I asked Cindy, why do homes in Florida have fireplaces? Almost all of the homes listed for sale showed pictures of a fireplace front and center in the living room. Does anyone in Florida ever use these things? It is hot there most of the time. Perhaps on the one day of the year when the temperature drops below 70 someone might push the button to ignite the gas flame and heat up the ceramic faux logs. I say faux logs because, I can’t imagine Floridians would keep stacks of firewood at the ready just in case global warming happened to have an off day. But today I have seen the light and now understand why Floridians have fireplaces. It is because Santa needs a way in.

From our non-traditional house to yours, we wish you all a very merry Christmas or as they say in Martinique, Joyeux Noël. And, we hope Santa delivers to you a wonderful toy.

Peace, love and happiness.


Santa on a rope

The official Cream Puff Christmas tree complete with Santa on a rope

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