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Four Years & Counting

Mark and I recently celebrate four years of continuously living aboard Cream Puff.  The years have gone by so fast. Here are just a few of the hundreds of things I have learned along the way and some pictures from our adventures. Some of the pictures you might have seen before. Some are new to […]

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Cartagena – Part Four

A free walking tour is the best way to experience the Walled City. We noticed the tour guides with yellow umbrellas and their groups of about twenty people and wondered if they offered English speaking tours. Luckily they did offer tours in English and we reserved a spot online. I am repeating myself when I […]

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Cartagena – Part Three

I am very pleased to say my Spanish is getting better. I now can ask the location of the bathroom. I don’t understand the answer but at least people seem to get the question. I just kind of hope that some part of the answer includes pointing. One of the more recent words I have […]

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Cartagena – Part Two

Our choice to stay in a hotel in Cartagena proved to be the right move. This is because we found ourselves in the heart of the Bocagrande area. It is a touristy area due to the long beaches on both the ocean and bay sides of the peninsular. Within a few blocks of the hotel […]

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Cartagena – Part One

We are in Cartagena, Bolívar. We decided to leave Cream Puff in Santa Marta and travel by land. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. First, the marinas in Cartagena did not have good reviews and a weekly stay is quiet expensive (we are getting a very good rate in Santa Marta). Second, […]

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Shopping in Santa Marta

Shopping in Santa Mart is kind of fun. We have found the city is divided into specialty districts. So far, we have found clusters of specialty stores for hardware, auto parts, bicycles, furniture, mattresses, fabrics and even flowers. We are not use to so many choices.  It has been a while since we docked on […]

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Wow! What a ride 2018 has been

We started this year in Martinique. Throughout the year we visited: Dominica, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, USA (Florida, Texas and Georgia) and Colombia. Yes we flew to the USA but it still makes the list because it’s another passport stamp. Believe it or not, we didn’t sail a lot of miles this year. When we […]

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Christmas Greetings From Santa (Marta)

Santa Marta is one of the few cities to which we have traveled and found the restaurants haven’t yet been destroyed by Coca-Cola and their desire to monopolize the restaurant industry with their exclusivity agreements and strong arm tactics. I guess I need to explain this a little bit. Coca-Cola has convinced restaurant owners to […]

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Going Walkabout In Santa Marta

People in Santa Marta seem to be willing to work for any amount of money. The hustle and bustle on the crowded streets of Santa Marta is amazing. No matter which way you turn there are people trying to make a buck. The city is colorful and noisy. Drivers here love their horns. They honk […]

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We Venture into Santa Marta, Colombia

The island mindset is gone. Over the past couple of years, we have hopped from one Caribbean island to another. Each has their own traits but there are a lot of similarities. One of the similarities is the lack of availability regarding boat parts, specialty foods, or essentially anything that is not a basic necessity. […]

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We made it to Colombia

Yea!!! We made it to Colombia. The passage was as expected. I would like to say it was boring but it turned out to be lively. Winds were forecasted at 20 knots most of the way but as usual the forecast was a little underestimated. We plan for this. For the most part, winds were […]

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Hanging Out in Aruba

I am sitting on a bench outside of the Ling and Sons grocery store in Oranjestad, Aruba. It is on the shady side, thank goodness. There is a nice breeze today since the trade winds have picked up a little.  The trade winds, besides having a cooling effect, keep the mosquitoes at bay. Sometimes the […]

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Loving it on Aruba

Before I get started on all things Aruba, I would like to bring your attention to an article about Bahamian swimming pigs I recently read on CNN Travel. It feels awesome to read an article about a travel place and rather than add it to a bucket list of places to go someday, we can […]

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One Happy Island – Aruba

We haven’t purchased a watch and we decide to visit the health department. Let me explain. Let’s start with the visit to the health department.  Our future sailing plans include visits to Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica in the upcoming year. These countries highly recommend, if not require, Yellow Fever vaccinations. I don’t know about […]

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San Nicolas – Aruba

Cindy is the Entertainment Director aboard Cream Puff. When we arrive at a new location she will gather all the tourist information from the internet and local kiosks or offices. She will then put together a plan of places we should visit and tourist traps to skip. This task is often much harder to do […]

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