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Buenos Aries – Part Four (The Final Installment)

Sleeping on a bed that doesn’t rock me to sleep is taking a little bit of getting used to. We are loving the vacation from our boat and sleeping in a real king-size bed. The high-pressure water in the shower is amazing. Unlimited supplies of hot water: incredible. His and her sofas to stretch out […]

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Buenos Aries – Part Three

When we traveled to Portland Oregon a few years ago, I was very impressed with the Saturday (under the bridge) market. I love street markets and I especially love street entertainers. Roaming about these venues is a sort of happy place for me. It is so easy for me to lose track of time and […]

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Buenos Aries – Part Two

We are loving it here in Buenos Aries! Springtime in Buenos Aries can be a little bit chilly. We are here as the trees are starting to bloom. Seasons are opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres. Sometimes when the wind blows down the street, it can feel darn right nippy. The locals are bundled […]

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Buenos Aries – Part One

Arriving in a new city at midnight can be a little daunting. We do not speak the language and we have no local currency. Argentinean pesos are hard to get outside of the country and somewhat hard to get inside the country; More on this later. Normally, we’d take an Uber from the airport to […]

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We’re Going to Buenos Aries

Buenos Aries has been on the bucket list for a while. Often referred to as the Paris of the Americas, I have long wanted to see if it lives up to the reputation. It is quite a long hop from Panama to Buenos Aries, about 7 hours by plane on a direct flight. We’ve watched […]

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Boquete – Panama

The five and a half-hour drive to Boquete treated us to panoramic vistas of the lush green mountainous Panamanian countryside. The main road up and down Panama is the Panamericana Highway. Once away from Panama City the road becomes much less congested and the four-lane blacktop smooth highway makes for an easy drive. In Panama, […]

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Panama City!

Shelter Bay Marina is a brief stopover for us. The marina is nice but it is in the middle of nowhere. It is a 30-40 minute bus ride to the closest grocery store in Colón. The marina is located on the old US Army base Ft. Sherman from pre 2000 when the USA controlled the […]

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This past week we extended our Colombian visas. This means we have been here for about ninety days. The itch to get moving again is starting to flare up but we’ll not scratch it just yet; soon, but not just yet. We are still really loving Colombia and the people here. Also, the longer we […]

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Cartagena – Part Four

A free walking tour is the best way to experience the Walled City. We noticed the tour guides with yellow umbrellas and their groups of about twenty people and wondered if they offered English speaking tours. Luckily they did offer tours in English and we reserved a spot online. I am repeating myself when I […]

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Cartagena – Part Three

I am very pleased to say my Spanish is getting better. I now can ask the location of the bathroom. I don’t understand the answer but at least people seem to get the question. I just kind of hope that some part of the answer includes pointing. One of the more recent words I have […]

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Cartagena – Part Two

Our choice to stay in a hotel in Cartagena proved to be the right move. This is because we found ourselves in the heart of the Bocagrande area. It is a touristy area due to the long beaches on both the ocean and bay sides of the peninsular. Within a few blocks of the hotel […]

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Cartagena – Part One

We are in Cartagena, Bolívar. We decided to leave Cream Puff in Santa Marta and travel by land. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. First, the marinas in Cartagena did not have good reviews and a weekly stay is quiet expensive (we are getting a very good rate in Santa Marta). Second, […]

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Bags and boat parts

See the big pile of bags? This is what we lugged all the way back to Curaçao. We have been living out of the two backpacks while in the USA . The rest of the pile, the three large duffle bags, are parts for Cream Puff. We took full advantage of being in the USA […]

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We Visit Wimberley Texas

    Continuing our trek, we departed the Texas coastal plains and headed inland to the little town of Wimberley located just outside of the capital city of Austin where we planned to visit with Cindy’s brother. Our journey took us mostly on back roads where we could take in the rural landscapes and small […]

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Rockport Strong

We are back in our old stomping grounds. We made a stop in San Antonio for a week to visit Cindy’s sister. For the past few days we have traveled around the Corpus Christi Bay area in Texas. I can’t believe I can write sentences beginning with the words, “Thirty years ago”. This makes me […]

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