We’re Going to Buenos Aries

Buenos Aries has been on the bucket list for a while. Often referred to as the Paris of the Americas, I have long wanted to see if it lives up to the reputation. It is quite a long hop from Panama to Buenos Aries, about 7 hours by plane on a direct flight. We’ve watched […]

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Pacing in Panama

Why do credit cards have an expiration date? It isn’t like they are going to go stale, moldy, lose their nutritional value, or crumble because of age. Imagine the money the card companies could save if they abolished the expiration date or considered tripling it to extend years into the future. They would no longer […]

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Sloths, Bus Stops and Air Conditioning

A visit to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort proved to be a fun day. The resort is a favorite for eco-tourists. As you would expect by the name, it is set in the rainforest on the Chagres River. The hotel offers all sorts of tours for guests and visitors. The attractions that really got our attention […]

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Puttering About Panama

I think Panamanian people are born with an umbrella attached to their hand. The few times we ventured off without our umbrella, we’ve been forced to pay the price. Most recently when we went shopping at a massive shopping complex called Albrook Mall, we found ourselves stranded inside for a couple of hours due to […]

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Boquete – Panama

The five and a half-hour drive to Boquete treated us to panoramic vistas of the lush green mountainous Panamanian countryside. The main road up and down Panama is the Panamericana Highway. Once away from Panama City the road becomes much less congested and the four-lane blacktop smooth highway makes for an easy drive. In Panama, […]

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I Guess We’re Going to Gamboa

It’s funny how sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry. And then, as if by magic, things work out and the day is one to remember. The rain here in Panama has started to become a little more frequent as we progress deeper into the rainy season. Having to look at the weather for any […]

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Mystery Solved!

We have been stumped by something recently. Every time we go to a fast-food restaurant, a manager has come to the cash register and enters a code. The total price goes down a little bit. At first, we thought we might be doing something wrong when we placed our orders. But, how can we be […]

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Visa Renewal in Panama

Panama has become a top destination for expats. There are good reasons for this. The cost of living here is very reasonable. Healthcare is excellent and affordable. Gaining a visa or residency permit (not the same thing as a citizenship) is not very difficult. And, there are tons of special benefits for expats and retirees. […]

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A Geography Lesson

Moving from the Caribbean closes the book on a chapter of our wacky sailing adventure. Our passage through the canal wasn’t exactly an easy decision to make. The decision mostly evolved from a lack of wanting to continue to cruise the Caribbean islands. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know […]

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