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Sails, Toilet Paper, ATMs, Directions, and Food

Sails Sometimes in life, we have to do things going completely against the grain. Cutting up our old sails was one of these things. It pained me we can’t recycle or donate them. The customs laws of French Polynesia do not allow it. We ordered a full set of sails for Cream Puff last year […]

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Good Food on Tahiti

The subject of good food is near and dear to me. I think I once wrote about two paragraphs describing steaks we ate in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Just writing that previous sentence made my mouth water. Yes, they were that good. I get a little bit excited when we find a place with some good […]

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Grocery Shopping and Shoes

In this post, I thought I would share some pictures of what a day is like when we buy groceries. It is not like most other people’s grocery shopping days. And yes, it does take us most of the day. In-between the beautiful pictures is a rather weird commentary about shoes. The grocery shopping extravaganza […]

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Pape’ete Murals and Other Crazy Ramblings

We recently learned that Pape’ete, about once per year, has an artist paint a mural in the town. During our walkabouts, we are awestruck by some of these fabulous giant works of art. Aruba and St Petersburg are a couple of other places we’ve visited with murals. Besides the incredible creativity and unbelievable art, these […]

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Feeding the Traffic

While Mark negotiates the traffic at rush hour, I have time to take it all in. We know our way around now so my navigation duties are on hiatus. I came to a realization while sitting in traffic in Panama yesterday. The reason there is so much fast, erratic driving back home in the USA […]

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We are Tourists

Before we arrive in a new place I like to read about the etiquette. It is important to me that I don’t upset anyone or their values. Recently an article I was reading had a paragraph about how to fit in and not stand out as a tourist. It occurred to me that I can […]

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Check Ups

  A warning to any readers in the United States, this is probably going to upset you. If it doesn’t, it should. In previous posts, I have mentioned more than once about getting Cream Puff ready for our next passage. We are getting ready to go to the boonies. The next two legs will be […]

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Crazy Stuff

My brain just gave me a presentation. I had no idea it had access to PowerPoint. One of the slides it emphasized was stating I had 125 days this year where I was sleep-deprived. I disagreed. I said it was 126 because having this conversation in the middle of the night wasn’t going to help. […]

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Four Years & Counting

Mark and I recently celebrate four years of continuously living aboard Cream Puff.  The years have gone by so fast. Here are just a few of the hundreds of things I have learned along the way and some pictures from our adventures. Some of the pictures you might have seen before. Some are new to […]

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Our credit card was hacked and shut down by our bank. Not a big deal, you say. Just have the bank send you another card and credit any fraudulent charges. If only it were this easy. Being a boat nomad makes some of the simple things in life become very complicated. Receiving a single piece […]

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Red Tape

When I retire I want to travel. How many times have you heard someone say this? Or, I want to see the world. And even, I’ll have all the time in the world and can go slowly and take it all in. Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?  But, doing it is not easy. […]

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Happy Cream Puff Day

  January 2nd is Cream Puff day. I swear. I’m not making this up. A couple of years ago while Googling something for our boat Cream Puff I discovered this. Then, I forgot about it. My mind is not the steel trap it once was. Little things slip away every now and then. Other old […]

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Some of our Favorite Memories: 2017 Cruising Season

While hanging out in the cockpit one night, Mark and I were reminiscing about 2017 coming to a close. We thought it would be fun to do a blog post on some of our favorite things this year. We hope you enjoy it too. We go slow. So far this year we have sailed or […]

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Joyeux Noël

It’s Christmas time in the Caribbean. There is no snow. It is sunny and hot, always. I don’t really understand how Santa’s magic sled is supposed to work without the snow. That sled is going to make a hell of a mark on the roof when it lands. There are no chimneys for Santa to […]

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Condiments on a Boat

One of the big factors of what we bring aboard Cream Puff is space. Where is it going to go? Does it need to be readily accessible? Does it need refrigeration or to be frozen? When it comes to refrigeration another question becomes important; do we use it often enough for it to take up […]

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