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It is not often we get to see a palm tree growing from a coconut. The coconuts are usually picked before they hit the ground or picked up shortly afterwards. When Mark and I hiking through Humacao National Reserve we saw hundreds of coconuts growing into Palm trees. Here are a few pictures: Interesting fact […]

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Habla Usted Inglés? In Puerto Rico

We are having fun trying to communicate while finding our way around Puerto Rico where the predominant language is Spanish. It is one of the fun parts of our adventure. To complicate matters, the Puerto Rican language is a different dialect from the little bit of Spanish I remember. My translation app does not always […]

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The Bars of Puerto Rico

As Mark and I traveled Puerto Rico one of the first things I noticed was the vivid colors. The bright colors with the back drop of the beautiful mountains and blue water of the ocean makes this a breathtaking island. The second thing I noticed as we travel the island is the wrought iron work everywhere. The use of ornate […]

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Trash Day

We have not been in a place to drop off trash since we left Bimini. The Exuma Land and Sea Park’s rule is what you take in you must take out. We had a month’s worth of trash. Two contractor size bags full of smaller trash bags. We  double bagged the larger bags to keep […]

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Doing Stupid Things

Every once in a while I do something really stupid. I’m really good at doing stupid things. Today was the day. Picture this; I am in the engine room working on the Onan generator. Onan is the brand of our generator. The work was nothing major, just boring routine maintenance stuff like changing the oil. […]

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Circus Act

I first became familiar with the phrase circus act quite a few years ago. In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s we were in Texas and kept our boat Water-Melon at the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina. Our next door neighbor on the dock was Celica S. Celica S was a beautiful antique classic motor yacht. […]

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Fear of the Unknown

It is October. We finally have a break in the Florida heat. Fall is in the air. Halloween decorations are abound in stores around town. Haunted houses and movies made to frighten are advertised on television and billboards.  I’ve been thinking a bit about fear lately. Fear, it seems, comes in all types of packages […]

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Seriously! Again?

I’ve been watching way too much television lately. Not the normal stupid election stuff or crappy network programming. Instead, I am glued to watching hurricanes. It started a couple of weeks ago with Hermine and now continues with Matthew. I am glued to it. It is like the car accident on the highway that you […]

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Hunkering Down for Hurricane Hermine

I may very well be responsible for hurricane Hermine that just hit Florida.  Most cruising sailors, or at least the smart ones, spend the hurricane season outside of the hurricane zone. June to November is the hurricane season with August – September being peak. The safe zone is north of Florida or the very south […]

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Eighteen Months by the Numbers

We had a wonderful time exploring the Chesapeake Bay and Bahamas. We are now back in the USA enjoying some of the comforts we missed while traveling the remote areas of the Bahamas. We feel absolutely spoiled! We thought this might be a good time to write a “By the Numbers” post. In true Cream […]

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  Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! A big part of our logic about spending this hurricane season in Tampa Bay is that we thought our next stop might be Cuba in November. Now I am reading about Cuba and I am having serious second thoughts. Cuba has long been an attractive cruising destination for Canadians. Most […]

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Off! Insect Spray: The Unofficial Perfume of the Bahamas

When we first arrived in the Bahamas in December we decide to celebrate our first official stop.  We had just arrived after a long trip and were tired. Once we cleared customs and did our arrival chores It was getting late in the day. The sun had already set but we had just enough energy […]

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Rainy Day on the Ocean

  We do not have very many rainy days while we are underway. If we know bad weather is imminent we stay in port. Sometimes there will be a rain shower in the forecast but as long as it is brief and does not pose danger we will sail on. The original section of our […]

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The Migration South (My Two Cents Worth-Part Two)

This post was written  November of 2015. It was put on the backburner until now. I apologize it is out of the timeline/order of our travels. Ah, it must be dawn. The familiar short bursts of errrtz, errrtz is penetrating my sleep. Numerous bow thrusters are hard at work pushing water to move the boats […]

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  Not every day is a play day. While we’re fortunate enough to be tied to a dock this week, we are taking advantage of not having to load everything in the dinghy to go to shore. Today on our list is grocery shopping and laundry. We both really miss the days of driving to […]

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