Puerto Rico

Spanish Virgins

We departed Palmas Del Mar and sailed (meaning we motored) to the small island of Culebra. Culebra is still Puerto Rico and is one of the many islands to the east referred to as the Spanish Virgin Islands. Wanting a couple of days of isolation we went to a beautiful cove and hung out for […]

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Road Trip

Our plan was to take a coastal road, take a mountain road, grab a meal and see what we find. Other than this, the agenda was pretty loose and we figured we would go where the road took us. There is some reassurance that if we got totally lost, we are still on an island. […]

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It is not often we get to see a palm tree growing from a coconut. The coconuts are usually picked before they hit the ground or picked up shortly afterwards. When Mark and I hiking through Humacao National Reserve we saw hundreds of coconuts growing into Palm trees. Here are a few pictures: Interesting fact […]

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Habla Usted Inglés? In Puerto Rico

We are having fun trying to communicate while finding our way around Puerto Rico where the predominant language is Spanish. It is one of the fun parts of our adventure. To complicate matters, the Puerto Rican language is a different dialect from the little bit of Spanish I remember. My translation app does not always […]

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The Bars of Puerto Rico

As Mark and I traveled Puerto Rico one of the first things I noticed was the vivid colors. The bright colors with the back drop of the beautiful mountains and blue water of the ocean makes this a breathtaking island. The second thing I noticed as we travel the island is the wrought iron work everywhere. The use of ornate […]

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Old San Juan

We visited Old San Juan and for two days walked about this wonderful corner of Puerto Rico. If you are ever on the island of Puerto Rico, this stop is a “must do”.  Our old motto of, “walk ‘til our feet hurt and drink ’til they don’t” came alive. The historic area is packed full […]

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El Yunque National Forest

Two things: First, we visited a rain forest. Second, I am feeling very old. Let’s talk about the rain forest first. Why? Because it is fun and I have lots of pretty pictures to show you. I’ll get to the feeling old part in a minute. Mona had on her bucket list that she wanted […]

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Drinking Bacardi Rum for Breakfast

Still in Puerto Rico and loving it. Our dear friend Mona arrived and is staying with us for a full week. She makes the most delicious homemade cookies in the world and lugged about 3 dozen of them in her carry-on as a special treat just for us. Mona is our point of contact when […]

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Spoil the Women and the Men will Come

Earlier this week Mark posted about Palmas del Mar. This is Cindy’s addition to the post. I always get a bit uneasy as we approach a marina for the first time. Things happen quickly when backing into a slip. Things can go from good to bad fast, especially in high winds. And, like most cruisers, […]

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Palmas Del Mar

We have finally arrived in the Southeastern corner of Puerto Rico. I say finally because we took longer than expected to get here. The trade winds have been in true form making our eastward travel head into the wind. On most days the wind has blown 25-30 knots. The long range forecast showed no sign […]

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Caja de Muertos (or Coffin Island)

I always thought cacti were soft inside. Silly me. I’m not sure where or how I came upon this wisdom, or lack of it. Perhaps it was the old western movies watched as a kid where some Indian native cut open a cactus for a drink of water while all the bad guys suffered heatstroke […]

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Our first order of business in Ponce was to take an Uber to PF Chang’s. How very American is this? We have both been longing for Chinese food. It was a regular part of our life in Atlanta but we are finding it harder and harder to get good Chinese or Thai food in the […]

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Our stay in Puerto Real was a little bit longer than planned. I think the close proximity of the awesome bakery might have had something to do with this. It’s hard for me to get motivated to move away from daily fresh bread and pastries. We purposely skipped a weather window to move east along […]

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Rincón, Puerto Rico

  It didn’t take us very long to scope out a bakery near the marina. I’m talkin’ real bakery here. This is the kind of shop where you walk in and the smell of fresh baking bread hits you hard and makes you want to stuff everything you can get your hands on into your […]

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We’re in Puerto Rico

We just made a 405 nautical mile sail (466 miles) from Providenciales Island in the Turks and Caicos to Puerto Real in Puerto Rico. Our passage took us around the west side of West Caicos and then southeastward along the northern coast of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We have seen an unusual amount of […]

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