The Bars of Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

As Mark and I traveled Puerto Rico one of the first things I noticed was the vivid colors. The bright colors with the back drop of the beautiful mountains and blue water of the ocean makes this a breathtaking island.

The second thing I noticed as we travel the island is the wrought iron work everywhere. The use of ornate wrought iron bars, or rejas in Spanish, originated in Spain during the late 15th century.  The bars were popular in the tropical parts of Spain because they allowed better ventilation and were cheaper than glass. They also kept the home safe. As Spain colonized the Caribbean they took the architecture with them, including the ornate iron bars.

There are mixed reasons for why this tradition continues. Some of the local folks told me it is for security. Others say it protects the home from damage due to flying debris during hurricanes. And, there are others who say it is heritage. I believe them all.  There is beautiful iron work that is strictly decorative as well as protective iron work. whatever the reason, it adds character and color to the island.

Here are a few photos

Doors on Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Ponce

Iron Work Inside the Wooden Fire house in Ponce

Bars in San Juan

Planters on Window Bars

Ornate balcony  in Old San Juan

Apartment in Ponce

Restaurant Bars

Decorative Iron Work on Old Doors

Iron work on Wall and Windows

Colorful Buildings and Wrought Iron in Ponce

Safe at Home in Ponce

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