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Tsunami Warning

Let’s begin this post with some excitement brought about by being pretty much in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire: A tsunami warning. Not a drill; a warning! On March 5th (19:28:31 UTC on 4 March 2021) there was a massive 8.1 earthquake. The center was near a group of New Zealand islands […]

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Hanging About The Marina in Gwada

Some cruisers, for some strange reason, think staying in a marina is taboo. We think otherwise. We stay in a marina when we can because the amenities are simply awesome. We can walk to restaurants, grocery stores, chandleries and markets. We meet neighbors and have made a ton of new friends whilst staying in marinas […]

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  Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! A big part of our logic about spending this hurricane season in Tampa Bay is that we thought our next stop might be Cuba in November. Now I am reading about Cuba and I am having serious second thoughts. Cuba has long been an attractive cruising destination for Canadians. Most […]

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We Need Toilet Parts

When you need boat parts, nothing will make you appreciate being in a populated area more than this. A connection to one of our holding tanks recently failed. The holding tank is where sewage is pumped from the toilet. It is held there, hence the name holding tank, prior to being discharged into the ocean […]

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  Not every day is a play day. While we’re fortunate enough to be tied to a dock this week, we are taking advantage of not having to load everything in the dinghy to go to shore. Today on our list is grocery shopping and laundry. We both really miss the days of driving to […]

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A New Rig

  This week was the most expensive week of our lives! Ouch. Okay, perhaps the day when we purchased a house or one of our boats was really the most expensive week of our lives. But, we don’t have jobs anymore and when money goes out, it doesn’t come in (this is really quite scary […]

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Storage Wars

  Wanted: 2600 cubic feet Wow! What a rollercoaster ride we have had this week. As you could see in Cindy’s latest post, we are up to our ears in boxes and packing materials. Our challenge this week was to finalize storage facility requirements. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not so much! To get on a […]

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A Few Good Men

Have you ever wondered how much cubic footage you would need if you stacked just about everything you own into one space? We just figured it out. We are at a point now where we need to start moving things into a long-term storage facility. We plan to keep some stuff in the house we […]

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The Keys to My Traveling Future

  Today I got a new passport, probably a good thing when you consider I will need one soon. I shelled out the extra money for the thick jumbo 48 page passport giving me plenty of extra pages for country stamps. I hope this is not wishful thinking!   Yes, it is a British passport. […]

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Please Cancel Our Mail, Forever

There was a great Seinfeld episode (Season 9 – Episode 5) where Kramer tries to cancel his mail, forever. Here’s a clip certain to bring a smile to your face: (click here or below)     I have just gone through a similar experience. Our friends often ask us how we will get our mail once […]

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eBay Karma

I’ve been doing a lot of buying and selling lately. I am selling stuff on eBay that has some value but we do not want to put in storage for the time we are cruising. It is amazing how much stuff I have listed. And, on the flip side, I’m buying stuff for Cream Puff […]

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Magic Number

How much does it cost to go sailing? This is a question we asked for years and years. We never seemed to get a straight answer. You would think Cruising World or Boater’s World magazines, that I subscribed to for years pre-internet, would shed some light on what is perhaps the single most pondered question […]

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