Îles des Saintes – 2nd Time Around

  Cindy and I both agree Îles des Saintes is our favorite place we have visited so far in the Caribbean Islands. It seems a little odd for me to say this since it really lacks the social environments we enjoy at other anchorages. Most of the boats here fly a French flag and there […]

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Guadeloupe – The last few days

Our time in Gwada is coming to and end and we rented a car one last time so we could visit the few remaining little towns on the island we had not yet seen. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know I am a little tight with the money. The […]

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Exploring the Wings of the Butterfly

One of the things we have notice on the French islands is the local people really seem to enjoy the beaches. When we traveled in the Bahamas, we were both fascinated by the fact the Bahamians wanted nothing to do with beaches or water sports for the most part. There were some islands with sailing […]

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Walking in the Tree Tops

Guadeloupe has a pretty cool botanical gardens and zoo park. It is not a big place but it is one of the most unique places we have visited. The park is situated on the side of a mountain in the greenest part of the island, which means it rains a lot in the park. We […]

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Death in Paradise

Doesn’t Death in Paradise sound like a great name for a movie or television series? Well, that’s because it is a name of a television series. It is a British and French production that airs on the BBC. Season 1 aired in 2011 and the 8th season has just been commissioned. Cindy and I love […]

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Hanging About The Marina in Gwada

Some cruisers, for some strange reason, think staying in a marina is taboo. We think otherwise. We stay in a marina when we can because the amenities are simply awesome. We can walk to restaurants, grocery stores, chandleries and markets. We meet neighbors and have made a ton of new friends whilst staying in marinas […]

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The Rescue and a Walkabout – Gwada

So here we are, stuck in the middle of nowhere at Cascade aux Ecrevisses. The key to our rental car is lost. Everything we brought with us on our day trip is locked inside the car. This includes our rental car agreement with the contact information of the local agency from who we rented. It […]

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Welcome to Gwada

Gwada is the pet French Creole name for Guadeloupe. It is also a brand of a local beer I have happily sampled since arriving. Thumbs up! Guadeloupe is also known as the butterfly island because of its shape. One wing of Gwada is pretty flat and the other is mountainous. The area in-between the wings […]

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