Happy Cream Puff Day

Cream Puff

Fresh Cream Puffs from the local bakery – yum!


January 2nd is Cream Puff day. I swear. I’m not making this up. A couple of years ago while Googling something for our boat Cream Puff I discovered this. Then, I forgot about it. My mind is not the steel trap it once was. Little things slip away every now and then. Other old people tell me this is normal. I’m not sure I trust them.

Last year our friend Mona sent us an email on January 2nd wishing us a Happy Cream Puff Day. I think she would have sent an e-card but Hallmark hasn’t caught on yet there’s yet another massive marketing opportunity between New Years and Valentine’s Day. I made a note to myself to do a post this year. So here it is. I didn’t forget. Some of the little grey cells still work.

I think Cream Puff day should be celebrated worldwide. I think retailers should have big sales and Amazon should have a massive blow out, preferably on boat parts. While we wait for this to catch on, if you happen to run into a friend today or read this post on Facebook, please spread the word. Tell your friends, Happy Cream Puff day. And why should we celebrate Cream Puff day? Because everyone deserves a little something sweet in their life.






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