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Rockport Strong

We are back in our old stomping grounds. We made a stop in San Antonio for a week to visit Cindy’s sister. For the past few days we have traveled around the Corpus Christi Bay area in Texas. I can’t believe I can write sentences beginning with the words, “Thirty years ago”. This makes me […]

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Road Trip

Big cars! We rented a Toyota Camry in Miami. For us, the car seemed huge. We have rented tiny cars on the islands and have become somewhat used to bumping shoulders in the front seats. I move Cindy’s knee out of the way when I need to shift gears. When we first sat in the […]

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New All Over Again

Sometimes when we land on an island I get that déjà vu feeling. We go through the same routines of checking in with Customs and Immigration. Once this is done, we try to get on the internet. Sometimes this is pretty easy and we can pirate a connection from a nearby bar or restaurant. Often […]

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Road Trip

Our plan was to take a coastal road, take a mountain road, grab a meal and see what we find. Other than this, the agenda was pretty loose and we figured we would go where the road took us. There is some reassurance that if we got totally lost, we are still on an island. […]

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Old San Juan

We visited Old San Juan and for two days walked about this wonderful corner of Puerto Rico. If you are ever on the island of Puerto Rico, this stop is a “must do”.  Our old motto of, “walk ‘til our feet hurt and drink ’til they don’t” came alive. The historic area is packed full […]

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El Yunque National Forest

Two things: First, we visited a rain forest. Second, I am feeling very old. Let’s talk about the rain forest first. Why? Because it is fun and I have lots of pretty pictures to show you. I’ll get to the feeling old part in a minute. Mona had on her bucket list that she wanted […]

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Drinking Bacardi Rum for Breakfast

Still in Puerto Rico and loving it. Our dear friend Mona arrived and is staying with us for a full week. She makes the most delicious homemade cookies in the world and lugged about 3 dozen of them in her carry-on as a special treat just for us. Mona is our point of contact when […]

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Circus Act

I first became familiar with the phrase circus act quite a few years ago. In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s we were in Texas and kept our boat Water-Melon at the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina. Our next door neighbor on the dock was Celica S. Celica S was a beautiful antique classic motor yacht. […]

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We’re Still Here…

The blog has been a little neglected lately. Sorry about that. It is not that we have given up on this whole sailing adventure. It is simply the fact we have been busy having some fun as well as finishing up on a long list of projects we had when we arrived in Tampa Bay. […]

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Segwaying Around St. Pete

If you find yourself walking the promenade along St Petersburg’s waterfront and see a group on Segways coming toward you, do not assume the operators know how to control them. We often find ourselves walking along waterfronts. We are usually heading to the grocery store or a local dining option. The broad sidewalks offer the […]

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Sarasota, FL

I’ve been in a bit of a melancholy mood lately. We have several projects going aboard Cream Puff causing us grief. We are replacing carpet. We ordered new marine carpet (special backing – non-mildewing – double the price) and planned to save money by installing it ourselves. We cut it to size using the old […]

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Texas. The Lone Star State. The 28th State admitted to the Union.  My home state. When a Texan moves to another state in the country he or she will generally say “I live in (fill in the city or state) but I am from TEXAS”.  Because they are Texan first you might hear, “I am from […]

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Road Trip

We landed in the USA with a long list of things to repair and buy. In our first couple of weeks here, we have spent an absolute boat load of money (pun intended). If you are wondering why the Amazon stock price has sky rocketed recently, you needn’t look any further. We are single handedly […]

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Solomons, MD – Part 2

When a boat is in the water things like to stick to it. We are constantly at war with algae slime, barnacles, mussels, oysters and all sorts of other crustaceans. This is a battle no boat owner has ever won. The best us boat owners can hope for is a mild growth. When we kept […]

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Easton, MD

As mentioned in our previous post on St. Michaels, we rented a car. Traveling at speeds over 10 MPH again is quite exhilarating for us. We were docked in Crisfield, MD (more on that later). The closest rental car company was in Pocomoke. However, they never answered the phone. So we talked to the folks […]

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