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Top Sailing Blog 2021!

Forgive me while I toot our own horns a little bit. I recently received an email from The Adventure Junkies informing us our blog made a list of 2021 top sailing blogs to read. The Adventure Junkies brings together all sorts of publications to inspire people regarding outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking, climbing, and […]

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Out at Sea and Out of Touch

You would think to be in the middle of the ocean as a contagious virus infects people all about the globe is be a good place. It is and it isn’t. First and foremost, our crossing of the South Pacific Ocean was awesome. We had great weather and absolutely enjoyed the experience. After leaving Galapagos, […]

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Cream Puff is in Tahiti

  When we left Galapagos, our destination was meant to be the Marquesas Islands, specifically Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia some 3400 miles due west. Our plans changed because of new Covid-19 regulations made by the French government regarding check-in procedures. About 60 hours out of Nuku Hiva, our agent notified us of the changes […]

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We arrived safely in Galápagos

Yea! We arrived safely in Galápagos. The passage from Panama to Galápagos turned out to be one of the most challenging sails were have encountered so far in our wacky journey. The passage requires crossing an area called the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). The area has doldrums and can produce spectacular thunderstorms. I hate lightning. […]

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Panama City!

Shelter Bay Marina is a brief stopover for us. The marina is nice but it is in the middle of nowhere. It is a 30-40 minute bus ride to the closest grocery store in Colón. The marina is located on the old US Army base Ft. Sherman from pre 2000 when the USA controlled the […]

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Goodbye San Blas

The canned ham is gone and the rains are here. We have absolutely loved our time in the San Blas Islands. The Kuna Yala region of Panama is a little slice of heaven on earth and every day was like a dream come true. The San Blas are exactly what we dreamed about when we […]

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Passage to Panama

It’s my job to throw the dead fish off the deck in the mornings when we are underway. I do this each morning before they start to bake in the sun and stink up the place. They will also stain the deck if left stranded. We had nine dead fish on our second night out. […]

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We made it to Colombia

Yea!!! We made it to Colombia. The passage was as expected. I would like to say it was boring but it turned out to be lively. Winds were forecasted at 20 knots most of the way but as usual the forecast was a little underestimated. We plan for this. For the most part, winds were […]

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Oops  – Wrong Island

  We loved being at Îles des Saintes but all good things come to an end. We reluctantly departed setting sail for Curacao, some 450 nautical miles away across the Caribbean Sea. We estimated the trip to take about 3 days and nights. We departed on a Tuesday and expected to arrive Friday morning. Little […]

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Bubba Takes a Hit

For the past few days we have worked our way up the western side of Martinique. I wanted to stop in Les Anses-d’Arlet for a couple of days but it was just too crowded with boats. This time of year in the Caribbean there is a phenomenon called Christmas winds. From December to February, the […]

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Grenada – Our First Glimpse

Traveling from Îles des Saintes to Grenada was interesting. We saw a weather window where the trade winds slackened a little bit. In this same window the chance of rain was minimal. We only got rained on once. The wind however was really misbehaving. Winds were forecasted at 15 knots. Actual winds were closer to […]

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Do you love to hear great stories about how a business started? Then, I have a good one for you. A couple of my other favorites include Guy Laliberté , the founder of Cirque du Soleil, and how he was turned down by every bank he talked to for a loan he needed to expand his […]

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We’re in St Thomas, USVI

We arrived in St Thomas after a bit of a bumpy ride. Since we are still facing the east winds and are trying to travel directly into the wind we have to motor. A die-hard true sailor would sail and tack all the way. We are not sailing purest. We don’t mind motoring now and […]

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Passage from the Bahamas to Turks and Caicos Islands (Part Two)

Hanging out in Abraham’s Bay on Mayaguana, we killed time until the winds died down. Well actually, they died down yesterday but we are giving the sea a day to settle down a little bit from the 2 days of strong northeasterly breezes. And, it rained yesterday most of the day so we stayed put. […]

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Passage from the Bahamas to the Turks and Caicos Islands (Part One)

We have sailed south this year down the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. These beautiful islands offer a glimpse of a time gone by. The local residents are happy and content with island life. Unlike the metropolitan areas of the USA and Europe, there is not very much to spend money on here on these […]

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