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A Quick Stop in Key West

I have never met a person who has been banned from a restroom/shower facility before. Here is how the conversation went: Marina official: Next please Live-aboard boater lady: I need to get a new key for the bathroom (Weekly and monthly rate for use of facility which includes showers. Often purchased by boaters who are […]

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We Made It – Back in the USA

It took us 7 days of sailing to cover the 850 miles from the southern Bahamas to Tampa Bay. Our trip was uneventful. Uneventful is a very good thing. We really really like uneventful. We made one stop unplanned stop in Key West. When we started out, we knew the winds would be moderate. We […]

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Top 10 Pictures of 2015

    Happy New Years from the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas!   Today we spent some time reflecting back on our adventures this year. Our journey so far took us from St. Petersburg Florida, up the east coast to the Chesapeake Bay and then down to the Bahamas this fall.  We sailed over 3,100 […]

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Dolphins Dancing in the Moonlight

I heard a shriek from Cindy. I was below in the cabin doing something inconsequential. Cindy was on watch up in the cockpit. When I hear her shriek, I have an instant feeling of panic. It takes a nanosecond for me to process the words. My panic turned to relief after a moment when I […]

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Rescued by the Coast Guard

When things go good, it all happens very slowly. When things go bad, it happens very quickly. We set sail from Solomons to Deltaville. We knew weather would be an issue this leg of our trip as a front moved across the Chesapeake Bay. Winds were forecasted at 20 knots from the northeast. This is […]

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St. Michaels, MD

St. Micheals’ claims to be “The town that fooled the British”. I had to Google this because I can assure you anything pertaining to the town of St. Michaels is not in the British history books. Apparently, the town folk managed to avoid damage to the town by the British ships because they dimmed the […]

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Cambridge, MD

Cambridge was a little bit of a disappointment. We are finding the cruising guide we use tends to be overly upbeat when describing places to visit. So, perhaps it wasn’t the town’s fault. Maybe it was because we had high expectations. We should learn to set lower expectations. This way, when we land we are […]

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Oxford, MD

I think the people who purchased homes in Oxford must have to pass a gardening test as a prerequisite. This is a sleepy little river town on the Tred Avon river. If by the pictures you think the town is small, you’re right. It took us little less than a day to walk the entire […]

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Smith Island and Cake

Have you heard of Smith Island cake? Until recently, we hadn’t. Which is really a shame since it is delicious. So far we have tried chocolate, coconut, banana, banana-strawberry and orange. Ten layer Smith Island cakes originate from Smith Island Maryland and were baked for the men who spent several days on crab boats in […]

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We Made It To The Chesapeake Bay

About 2:30am yesterday, we sailed into the Chesapeake Bay. This is our summer destination. We are extremely excited with the offerings of the bay particularly the picturesque small towns, bay front cities and isolated tree lined coves for which the Chesapeake is renowned. We tried to time our entrance into the bay at dawn. But […]

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Beaufort, NC (pronounced: bo.fout)

Sailing from Fernandina, Beach FL to Beaufort, NC achieved a couple of milestones for us.  It was our longest single passage yet at 360 nautical miles (414 miles) over three days. It was also the passage where we crossed our first 1,000 (1150 miles) nautical miles of sailing since we started this cruising thing. We […]

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The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

  If you remember this song titlle you are probably around my age or older. Ok, maybe it wasn’t Georgia, but we were just across the river from Georgia and “The Night the Lights Went out in the Town Across the River from Georgia” just was not as humorous. And there is not a song […]

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Saint Augustine – Part Two

In St. Augustine, we learned all about coquina. Coquina is a porous limestone available in North Florida. It was used by the Spanish as a building material during their control of Florida. The original homes in the area are built with coquina blocks and are covered with concrete or stucco or their era. The outer […]

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Saint Augustine – Part One

My mood has past and the sun is shining in our world once again. We love St. Augustine. St Augustine Florida claim to fame is they are the oldest city in the USA. This year, St. Augustine celebrates 450 years as a city. If you are here for any length of time, more than 30 minutes, […]

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Dream Big

One of the best deals in Ft. Lauderdale is the water taxi. The fare is $26 per person for an all day ticket. For us, this was less than renting a car, no worries about parking, no worries about traffic and okay to have a couple of glasses of wine with the evening meal. In […]

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