Snorkeling Sandy Island

I discovered I have a new pet peeve. I now lack tolerance for people who suck the fun out of life, people who burst the bubble or party poopers. Life is too short to deal with such negativity. I reluctantly conversed with such a person on the beach of Sandy Island located just off Carriacou. […]

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Carriacou turned out to be our meeting place. Our first stop this winter cruising season is the small island of Carriacou. This is the most northern island in the Grenada chain and home to about 8,000 people. We anchored off the capital city of Hillsborough across the bay toward Sandy Island. Most cruising sailors opt […]

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Bye Bye Grenada

  Rian (Ryan) ask me at dinner,”What have you most enjoyed about Grenada”. Rian was our new found friend and taxi driver. He has traveled most of the Caribbean islands. This is a little unusual for a local. Most of the local people we meet have not traveled extensively to other islands. They may have […]

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Naked Men and Boatyards

Three ladies walked in front of us and we caught a few words of their conversation, “I think he’s naked in the pool”. The pool they were referring to was the fountain outside of the IGA (grocery) store here on Grenada. Cindy and I parked ourselves on a shady bench with a cart full of […]

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Attacked by a Drone

We’ve Got Milk One of the most exciting events of this week: We found boxed milk that doesn’t taste nasty. I’m leading with this because we are more impressed by this than being hit by a drone. We posted about milk and the horrid tasting tetra-packs and powdered milk in March. We made mention in […]

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Touring The Spice Island – Grenada – Part Two

If you missed part one of this series, you can read it here. Tomatoes Re-visited! We have discovered the truth to the tomato shortage on Grenada! It is the fault of Americans. Let me explain. Tomatoes can be picky to grow, they need care. The plants fall over when heavily fruited. They require watering, but […]

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Touring The Spice Island – Grenada – Part One

Birthdays on Boats Buying birthday presents for each other is massively more difficult when you live on a boat. And, even more of a challenge when you don’t own a car.  Add to this being in a foreign country, on an island. Besides the logistical challenge of getting to a store the real question is […]

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All Things Chocolate

Today was a pretty interesting day. We went to a cocoa farm to see how beans are grown and then as a part two we went to a chocolate factory. The entire process is completely organic. Let’s start at the cocoa farm. The place we visited is called Belmont Estates. It is on the east […]

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Grenadians Love Their Rum

I don’t think I would make a very good pirate as I’m not particularly fond of rum. I only drink rum when stuff is added to it like when Cindy makes a mean Bahama Mama. We have watched people knock a couple of these back before realizing how potent they are. It’s always fun to […]

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Scavenging Tomatoes

Today we went to St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. We caught a Number One bus outside the marina.  We were on a hunt for tomatoes. There is a shortage of tomatoes on this island. It is a mystery perhaps not worthy of a novel but certainly deserving of a blog post. It seems as […]

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We are so fortunate to be in Grenada during Carnival. The Grenadians really know how to through a party. Events for the Carnival take place over a five month period and climax two weeks in August with the highlights being J’ouvert and Spice Mas Parade of the Bands. J’ouvert  means to celebrate the dawn. This […]

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New All Over Again

Sometimes when we land on an island I get that déjà vu feeling. We go through the same routines of checking in with Customs and Immigration. Once this is done, we try to get on the internet. Sometimes this is pretty easy and we can pirate a connection from a nearby bar or restaurant. Often […]

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Grenada – Our First Glimpse

Traveling from Îles des Saintes to Grenada was interesting. We saw a weather window where the trade winds slackened a little bit. In this same window the chance of rain was minimal. We only got rained on once. The wind however was really misbehaving. Winds were forecasted at 15 knots. Actual winds were closer to […]

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