Chesapeake Bay

Dolphins Dancing in the Moonlight

I heard a shriek from Cindy. I was below in the cabin doing something inconsequential. Cindy was on watch up in the cockpit. When I hear her shriek, I have an instant feeling of panic. It takes a nanosecond for me to process the words. My panic turned to relief after a moment when I […]

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Sitting Still and Spending Money

  We have made our way to the lower end of the Chesapeake Bay and sit here in Hampton VA in frustration. To explain why, I need to back up just a bit. Since entering the Chesapeake Bay in July, we have had a bit of an engine issue. Our faithful Yanmar overheats when running […]

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Moving South

Mona (our third crew member) joined us on our trip south from Deltaville, VA. She spoiled us with a big batch of Mona Cookies. The marina we stayed at (where the Coast Guard towed us) was great. Deltaville VA has a lot of marinas but the town is really lacking. They really have nothing at all to […]

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A Nice Reprieve

One of my jobs on Cream Puff is to track the weather.  The things Mother Nature can do fascinate me. Weather affects most of the aspects of our lives on a boat. We have always been very cognoscente of the weather while sailing but we need more information in the form of long range forecasts while cruising.  This […]

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Rescued by the Coast Guard

When things go good, it all happens very slowly. When things go bad, it happens very quickly. We set sail from Solomons to Deltaville. We knew weather would be an issue this leg of our trip as a front moved across the Chesapeake Bay. Winds were forecasted at 20 knots from the northeast. This is […]

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  What a difference a day makes.

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Uh Oh!

  Turn baby turn!

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Annapolis, MD

  Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I forget where I am. I popped my head up this morning to see what the weather was like and I forgot we sailed into Annapolis Harbor yesterday. “on the road again” is the next idiom popping into my head. This feeling is not new to […]

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Maryland and the Friendly Places Along Our Journey to Get Here

I grew up in a small town outside a small city. I joke that if I got into trouble on Avenue A my Mom heard about it before I got to Avenue C.  It was a great place to grow up. People looked after each other.  We took time to stop and chat with our […]

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Solomons, MD – Part 2

When a boat is in the water things like to stick to it. We are constantly at war with algae slime, barnacles, mussels, oysters and all sorts of other crustaceans. This is a battle no boat owner has ever won. The best us boat owners can hope for is a mild growth. When we kept […]

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Solomons, MD – Part 1

I am a little confused that this place is referred to as Solomons Island. Look at the map. It’s not an island. The post office refers to the town as Solomon but all the towns’ people say Solomons Island. We haven’t figured this out yet. We’ll keep asking. I need to start asking better questions. […]

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Onancock, VA

Our cruising guide referred to Onancock as a small town of fabulous restaurants where foodies gather from all over Maryland. We like food. We like small picturesque towns. We’re thinking at this point Onancock is going to be a real winner for us. Snaking up Onancock Creek from the main body of the Chesapeake is […]

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Crisfield, MD

Our cruising guide described Crisfield as “a town in transition”. What does that mean? To find out we went there. Crisfield is the southernmost town in Maryland and was once a bustling town during the boom years of oysters. It also served as a railroad hub for ships in the Chesapeake Bay to unload seafood […]

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Easton, MD

As mentioned in our previous post on St. Michaels, we rented a car. Traveling at speeds over 10 MPH again is quite exhilarating for us. We were docked in Crisfield, MD (more on that later). The closest rental car company was in Pocomoke. However, they never answered the phone. So we talked to the folks […]

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St. Michaels, MD

St. Micheals’ claims to be “The town that fooled the British”. I had to Google this because I can assure you anything pertaining to the town of St. Michaels is not in the British history books. Apparently, the town folk managed to avoid damage to the town by the British ships because they dimmed the […]

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