Chesapeake Bay

Cambridge, MD

Cambridge was a little bit of a disappointment. We are finding the cruising guide we use tends to be overly upbeat when describing places to visit. So, perhaps it wasn’t the town’s fault. Maybe it was because we had high expectations. We should learn to set lower expectations. This way, when we land we are […]

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Oxford, MD

I think the people who purchased homes in Oxford must have to pass a gardening test as a prerequisite. This is a sleepy little river town on the Tred Avon river. If by the pictures you think the town is small, you’re right. It took us little less than a day to walk the entire […]

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Flies, Crabs and the Bay

  Dear future cruisers, if you plan to visit the Chesapeake Bay I have two words for you; mosquito netting. Oh wait! Let’s make that five words; mosquito netting and fly swatters. I have found these items to be as necessary as cooking pots and sunscreen. Nothing more needs to be said.   Maybe more does […]

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Chesapeake Cowboys

Chesapeake Cowboys are not what you might expect. They are not the ten gallon hat wearing chafe sporting ropers the name might conjure up in your imagination. They don’t ride horses or herd cattle. I don’t think they sit around campfires at night and tell stories of the old frontier. Who are they? They are […]

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Ocean City

We had an absolute blast in Ocean City. Even though Maryland has a lot of coast line on the Chesapeake Bay, the state has very little ocean beaches. Ocean City is pretty much it and it is awesome. The highlight of Ocean City is the boardwalk. I haven’t been to a boardwalk in years. In […]

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Smith Island and Cake

Have you heard of Smith Island cake? Until recently, we hadn’t. Which is really a shame since it is delicious. So far we have tried chocolate, coconut, banana, banana-strawberry and orange. Ten layer Smith Island cakes originate from Smith Island Maryland and were baked for the men who spent several days on crab boats in […]

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We Made It To The Chesapeake Bay

About 2:30am yesterday, we sailed into the Chesapeake Bay. This is our summer destination. We are extremely excited with the offerings of the bay particularly the picturesque small towns, bay front cities and isolated tree lined coves for which the Chesapeake is renowned. We tried to time our entrance into the bay at dawn. But […]

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