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Happy New Years from the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas!


Today we spent some time reflecting back on our adventures this year. Our journey so far took us from St. Petersburg Florida, up the east coast to the Chesapeake Bay and then down to the Bahamas this fall.  We sailed over 3,100 miles this year. Along the way we saw some wonderful things and thought we’d share our favorite photographs. These are our favorite top 10 pictures of 2015. We hope you enjoy them.


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Number 10: While in St Petersburg FL, we took some time to enjoy the murals. These fabulous works of art are located downtown and add a ton of color to otherwise drab buildings. This one seems almost in 3D with the flying bricks. Keep in mind even the bicycle is a part of the mural.

Murals 17

The Train – St Petersburg FL




Number 9: For sailors, nothing says craftsmanship like an old wooden boat. This was snapped in Beaufort NC.

Classic Wooden Boat

Classic Wooden Boat – Beaufort NC




Number 8: The lighting of this picture really added to the era of the exhibit. This shot was especially hard to capture since I did not have my tripod and the exhibit was lit with a 40 watt light bulb.

Outboard Motor Repair Shop (maritime museum)

Outboard Motor Repair Shop (maritime museum) – Beaufort NC




Number 7: We both feel this picture looks inviting. Or, perhaps it was the fact our feet hurt from walking all day when we came upon this. Either way, it made the list of favorites.

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Chairs calling our name – Tred Avon River overlook – Oxford MD



Number 6: The city of Annapolis is the sailing capital of America. With the USNA there, the town is full of rich history. Having The Pride of Baltimore tall ship as part of the morning view added to the already scenic downtown. This picture was taken from Cream Puff while we were attached to a mooring buoy in the Annapolis Harbor basin.

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This morning looking west – Annapolis MD




Number 5: Look at the softness of the sand and the color of the water. Wow! Right? Doesn’t this make you want to be there?

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Ocean Beach – Green Turtle Cay – Bahamas




Number 4: Ocean City MD has a huge beach. The depth of the beach in this picture is enhanced by the walkway. The bicycle added scale.

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Bicycle at the Beach – Ocean City MD




Number 3: Using a very fast shutter speed, we were able to capture the individual droplets of water in mid air. The minimal depth of field makes the frog very sharp in focus against the blurred background.

The Alcazar Hotel Courtyard Fountain

The Alcazar Hotel Courtyard Fountain – St Augustine FL




Number 2: We were ashore walking around the fort on the Dry Tortugas when the Yankee Freedom docked and unloaded about 200 people for the day. This picture was taken using the fort window as a frame for the scene. It wasn’t until later we realized we had Cream Puff right in the middle of the shot.

Cream Puff through the fort window

Cream Puff through the fort window – The Dry Tortugas



Our number 1 choice of the year: The shot of Atlanta in the rear view mirror on a rainy day in February. While photography aficionados may say this is not the greatest quality picture, we agree. But, for us it was the most significant picture of the year as it marked the day when we left Atlanta for the very last time and made our way to Cream Puff in St Petersburg after selling our home. For us, this was the beginning of our sailing adventure.

Bye bye Atlanta - It's been a blast

Bye bye Atlanta – It’s been a blast








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