I Could Have Saved $3.00


I really appreciate the frugality and innovation of cruisers. Once in a while I see some creativity that just makes me smile. Let’s suppose you have a window in your home that doesn’t stay open. If you are like me you start to think about the products for sale in a hardware store specifically designed to remedy the problem. When you find they don’t offer a solution, like me, you probably roam aimlessly about the store hoping something will jump off the self. I would bet you do not think to look in the garden or go to the beach for a solution.


We have a hatch on Cream Puff that often falls closed. I tried tightening up the bolts on the hinge but they always seem to work loose. Another solution was needed. Prior to leaving the USA, I made a stop at one of the big-box stores. I was seeking something I could use to prop open the window, could get wet and have some level of UV protection. I wound up purchasing a piece of PVC pipe. I even put out the extra 50¢ for the end caps. Little did I know, I should have gone to the beach to find something that served my needs just as adequately.


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My Solution


sailing, cruising, blog, best, top, travel, adventure, journal

Their Solution

Introducing the all purpose utility stick. Now in stock on beaches and forests all around the world.


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