My $45,000 Rental Car

I am flying to St Petersburg ahead of Cindy and need a rental car for 4 days until Cindy catches up with me. Being the very tight fisted individual I am with money, I check all the web sites, discounters and wholesale groups for the best possible price for car rentals. After all, a car is a car.

Imagine my facial expression. And, the subsequent word completing the phrase, “what the…” when I looked at this. This is the actual screen shot (click to enlarge):

Click to Enlarge

On Hertz’s site, I put in my dates, my Hertz frequent renter data, and look what they had to offer. I can rent a Chevrolet Suburban for $9,499.88 per day plus tax and fees. My total rental cost per day is $11,290.18 or $45,160.73 for the 4 days. I think I could probably buy a new Chevrolet Suburban for about that price, I wonder what it would cost with the gas option and insurance.

I’m guessing they don’t rent this car very often. I rented my car from Costco travel. I saved over $45,000.

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