Taking Out The Trash

Look at the size of this thing!

Look at the size of this thing!


We are systematically looking at every item in our house and making a tough assessment. We ask ourselves, do we:

    1. Take it to the boat?
    2. Put it in a storage unit?
    3. Donate it to charity?
    4. Put it in the trash?

For the past 2 weeks, we worked on the last item: trash. It is truly amazing, and I mean amazing, how much junk we have accumulated in the 20 years of living in our current house. Don’t get me wrong. We are not hoarders by any means of the imagination. We just have a house with a lot of storage space. And, we made “good” use of the space. How do we get rid of this stuff? To resolve our dilemma, we ordered a dumpster. Here’s how that comical process goes:

    • Get online and find a dumpster company.
    • Look at the various sizes and just order the biggest one. Better to be too big than too small. Right?
    • Dumpster arrives and….. OMG I can’t believe how big this thing is. We’ll never fill it up!
    • We start tossing stuff in it.
    •  We uncover things in the back of closets that haven’t seen daylight in two decades and have countless ahhh, look at this moments
    • We become very popular with neighbors, who we have never met, asking if they can “put just a few things in it”. We politely give them the phone number for the dumpster company and suggest they order one for themselves. “We just have some old exercise equipment and rugs, are you sure we can’t put them in there?” We politely let them know the city will pick up those items for a small fee.
    • Magically at night, stuff other than ours finds its way into the dumpster. Luckily not too much.
    • Reality sets in. We’re going to fill this thing up!
    • It is full! Who would have thought?

Hmmmm. We need to order another one!



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