Moving onto the Boat – Part 1

Mark doing what he does best.

Mark doing what he does best.


Please exit via the garage. Turn left for the dumpster. Turn right for the moving truck. We still continue to participate in the exasperating exercise of keep it or toss it. For those of you counting, this is our third dumpster. Can you believe it? I can’t. Perhaps we could have picked up a few extra dollars for our cruising kitty by participating in an episode of Hoarders prior to downsizing. I have never thought of myself as a pack rat but good grief, right? Number three. In all honesty, we did not fill this one up completely on our own. We had some help from contractors and a good portion of the debris was yard related. But still, number three!

Here’s the funny part. We are going to need another one. Yep! Number four is destined when we do the final move out of the house. This move was everything personal and valuable removed from the house. We have moved these items to our storage unit. What remains is furniture for staging. When we move the rest of the furnishings out, we will need to dispose of mattresses, etc. Our neighborhood tends to frown on leaving these items on the curb.

I am little scared about the growing pile of stuff needing to go to Cream Puff. I guess we will worry about that down the road. What doesn’t fit onto the boat will be left on the dock when we set sail. It’s a darn good job we have a big boat. I hope it still floats once we load it up.

By the way, the classic VW Bug you see in the picture is seriously for sale. It is a 1973 Convertible Super Beetle. If you know of anyone looking for a hobby car, or for that matter anyone not looking, please pass this along.  Seriously, pleeeeease pass this on; your friend may have a friend who knows a guy dreaming of owning this classic. Thanks in advance for your help! Details can be viewed by clicking this link: Cindy’s Bug



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