Moving onto the Boat – Part 2

For the past nine weeks at our house, our daily routine has been get up, eat breakfast stuff, pack stuff, throw away stuff, clean stuff and repeat. We have worked our little derrières off and our fingers to the bones. Each night, after a 14 hour day of this routine, we lay in bed and complained about the parts of our bodies hurting the most.

Remember the big pile of stuff I was worried about fitting onto the boat? I should have been more worried about it fitting into the car. Oops!

jammed full

jammed full

As we headed to St Petersburg on our trek to Cream Puff, we both sat in the car with a little bit of post traumatic stress. We realized simultaneously we should be a little more excited about this gargantuan transition. After all, it is not every day people put their house up for sale and head to a boat to begin a sailing adventure to glorious destinations unknown. Once this sunk in, our mood changed. We managed to go from exhaustion induced delirium to labored jubilance. Regardless of the aches and pains within our bodies, the long car trip became quite delightful.

We arrived at Cream Puff late last night. The car is still in the marina parking lot fully loaded bursting at its seams and today we did nothing. Aaaah! Nothing. It’s raining today and we don’t care. Today it sunk in. We live on a boat. Tomorrow, we’ll unpack and start to make it home.



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