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So, the blog has been quiet for a little while over the holidays. Just the opposite is true in our lives. We returned to the house on Christmas day to clean up the yard and rake leaves. As I write this, I am so happy to think it will be a very very very long time before I ever have to rake leaves again. Why oh why can’t the darn things stay on the trees where they are suppose to be. Imagine all the energy the trees could save if they just kept the same leaves year after year. Perhaps they could just shed the shabby looking ones. It would sure make my life a little easier. Evergreens rock. But, you know what? I don’t care anymore! No more raking!

It is so fun to see someone break loose of the corporate world, wake up on a Monday and know they can stay in their pajamas and fuzzy slippers, if they want. The true reason for our return to the big city was our best friend retired. We were certainly not going to miss the occasion. Mona, who is an honoree extension of our family, took a lesson from our book and played loudly the Johnny Paycheck timeless classic, “Take This Job and Shove it”.  If you are unfamiliar with the song or just now had an urge to play this loudly in your workplace, click here.

While we were home at the house, our realtor activity went crazy. It seems as though half the city decided to by a new home for the New Year. The week after New Year’s we had two offers on our house. We have accepted one offer and have our figures crossed that it will close in about 4 weeks. This could be yet another big check mark on our “to do” list. Our plan is to sail out of St. Petersburg in March. We were fully prepared and have contingency plans for the house to sit unoccupied while we went sailing, just in case it was slow to sell. With today’s technology, we could sell and close on our home while anchored in a secluded cove somewhere in the Bahamas. Ahhhh, just thinking of that image lowered m blood-pressure a few points. We have our fingers crossed we will be homeless houseless before the end of February!

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