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10 Things to do before going cruising, made easy:


Checkmark_small     Set a 20 year savings plan allowing us to retire before 55, afford a boat and not have to worry about money during our sailing adventures


Checkmark_small     Work Hard


Checkmark_small     Save money


Checkmark_small     Avoid buying fancy expensive shiny toys


Checkmark_small     Save (a lot) more money


Checkmark_small     Buy a boat


Checkmark_small     Learn how to sail the boat


Checkmark_small     Sell a business


Checkmark_small     Sell a house


           Go sailing



Yes! We sold our house. We both have big smiles on our faces.


This past week we were back at our house moving the remaining belongings out and getting ready for the close. The days have been a series of “lasts” for us. We ate at our favorite restaurants for the last time. We met some of our closest friends for the last time (well, we hope to see them again, just not in Atlanta). Mark met with his poker buddies for the last time. They have had a regular game for over 15 years. We slept in a real bed with pillow top king-size mattress for the last time. Boats in our price range do not offer king beds and pillow top mattresses. We enjoyed a big screen TV with surround-sound for the last time. We paid our cable, gas, garbage, property tax, homeowners association and electric bills for the last time. We experience the horrid Atlanta traffic for the last time.


We are now making our trek home to Cream Puff in St. Petersburg for the last time. We saw Atlanta in the rear view mirror for the last time.

Bye bye Atlanta - It's been a blast

Bye bye Atlanta – It’s been a blast








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