St Petersburg – The Arts

One of the things we’ve noticed during our stent in St Petersburg, FL is art. No we are not talking Garfunkel. St. Petersburg has built into the cityscape wonderful murals and statues. Taking a short break from readying Cream Puff for our escapades, we took a walk about the city armed with cameras. We have about one more week in St Petersburg. We are now provisioning. Some might call it stockpiling food. We have read on many cruiser’s blogs the one thing they all seem to buy too much of is food. I am pleased to announce we are not exceptions to this. One thing is for sure, we will not be hungry. We have food and wine. Notice I did not write that we have too much wine. Can a person ever have too much wine? I think not.

Enjoy the pictures (click any picture to start a slide show)


The Murals

Murals 1

Murals 2

Murals 3

Murals 4

Murals 5

Murals 6

Murals 7

Murals 8

Murals 9

Murals 10

Murals 11

Murals 12

Murals 13

Murals 14

Murals 15

Murals 16

Murals 17

Murals 18

Murals 19

Murals 20

Murals 21

Murals 22

Fun with statues

Cindy With The Toad

Mark with hmmmm not real sure

Mark with hmmmm

Bird Thing

On the side-walk

Round Thing

Sea Horse

The Museums

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts


Salvador Dalí Museum

Salvador Dalí Museum




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