Skeletons in the Closet

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You know when you start a conversation with a couple of sailors who have a waving skeleton hanging on their boat the next few minutes are bound to be entertaining. It’s only six months to Halloween, so why not hang out the skeleton. Meet Ed and Annette.

His name is Slim. Slim was found at a drug store. He was discounted since it was after Halloween and skeletons don’t sell very well when it is not Halloween. Who knew? He was half price. Why not buy him? After all, we don’t have one.

Slim has a hook for his left hand, a peg leg under the right knee and a patch over his right eye.

The parrot’s name is Poly Urethane.

When under sail, Slim is kept in the closet. Everyone should have at least one skeleton in the closet, don’t ya think?

When entering The Dominican Republic, the boat was boarded by customs officials looking for drugs and stowaways. Two things here: First, why would anyone in their right mind want to stowaway on a boat heading into The Dominican Republic? A boat on the way out, I could understand. Second, can you imagine the officer’s face when he opened the closet? I’m guessing this was not what he expected to find. He stood there open mouthed and dead quiet. After a couple of minutes of stunned silence he looked toward the owners. Ed looked at Annette and simply said, “Oh crap, we forgot to feed Slim”.





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