Gettin’ Ready for Dog Island

We are getting ready for a trip to Dog Island. Where the heck is that you might ask. It is a small barrier island on the panhandle of Florida. As mentioned in previous postings, our plan is to get to know our boat and get our “sea legs”. This place is a little off the tourist map unless you’re a fisherman. We are eager to get the cobwebs blown off the rigging. This is not a long trip by any means. This will be the first time that both of us (together) have sailed overnight together and alone on Cream Puff. Until now, all of our together trips have been day sailing. Granted, some of them were not the best days to sail but this is how we continue to gain experience and is part of the master plan. Each time we go out, we will push a little further and a little harder. This trip will contain a lot of “firsts” for us. Let’s hope the weather cooperates. These late season hurricanes are a little annoying – maybe Al Gore was right.

More to come soon…

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