Cindy’s Version of New Year’s Day

rose bowlMark is correct, every year we have our New Year’s Day traditions. I shall shed my light on that special day.

When I was younger a friend told me I had to eat black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s Day. It was probably one of my worst years ever. I had, however, noticed that all the years that started off with watching the Tournament of Roses Parade (to those of us who use the proper for the Rose Parade) I had not had a bad year. Ok, maybe that is a huge exaggeration, but I am sure you will agree, if I can get half a day off and someone else cooks me a Eggs Benedict breakfast, I am all over that. So New Year’s Day in our house is commonly known as Parade Day.

After the parade Mark goes to his office, crunches numbers for awhile and I usually keep myself busy in another room and wait to hear the outcome. The outcome is usually a horrible moan or an huge sigh. This year, I heard something I’ve never heard before….a “wow”. The “wow” was because, we made it. We are there….actually….we are here…

Twenty five years of saving and planning and now we are in the last column of the spreadsheet. I will tell you that after all the planning and saving it is a very gratifying moment. We are going sailing or at the very least, we are retiring early. That is a joyous yet sobering moment. The fear and the excitement hit. The doubt comes but the childish anticipation takes over. Wow, just about says it all.

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