A Tale of Two Snorkelers

French Grunt Fish

We had a little bumpy start to our cruising season this year.  We were stuck for weather. Then, stuck again for weather. Stuck for engine troubles. On our way again. Hop. Hop. Hop. Then Ahhhhh….we arrived at our long awaited destination. The beautiful Exuma Land and Sea Park, (ELSP).

Last season we rushed through the Exuma Land and Sea Park because we were running out of time. We had to start our trek out of the Bahamas for hurricane season. A week in this beautiful area is just not long enough. Two weeks this year seemed to short as well.

Warderick Wells is the only Ranger Station in the park. As you move through the park there are moorings for boaters to use.   Some of the moorings require reservations. Others are on a first come basis. You do not have to pick up a mooring in the park. There are anchorages at most of the cays. We like to pick up a mooring. The fees help to support the ongoing effort to keep this a beautiful place. The staff does a wonderful job maintain the snorkel moorings we use among other important maintenance in the park. You can pick up a printed version of snorkel and diving maps at the Ranger Station on Warderick Wells or download from www.exumapark.org.

As Mark mentioned in his post, our first mission when we arrived at Warderick Wells Cay was to see if the hurricane had taken our Cream Puff sign off Boo Boo Hill. And, to update the sign.

Our next mission–snorkeling. We felt like little kids:

The kid inside us: Can we go yet?

Our adult brains: NO. The current is too strong in that area. Wait for slack tide.

The kid inside us: Is it time yet?

Our adult brains: NO. You need to get the snorkel gear ready first. Get the dinghy ready.

The kid inside us: Awwww…..really?! Can’t we just go?

Our adult brains: Nooo. It won’t take long.

The kid inside us: Ohhhh…Kayyyyyyyy……

It’s finally time! Let’s go snorkeling!


The water is still chilly in the park. As we put on our fins and mask we braced ourselves for that big plunge into the water. One, two, three…go! Berrrr! I found a warm area of water and just floated along slowly. As we moved over the reef we acclimated to the brisk water and relaxed. The only sound was my own breathing through the snorkel.

Shallow reef

Snorkeling near the Elkhorn Reef

Brain Coral

Elkhorn Coral


Entering Rocky Dondas Cave


Entrance to Dundas Cave



Inside the cave

Inside looking out at our dinghy

We think this might be Barrel Sponge


Blue Tang Fish

A small conch shell hiding on the reef


Fans swaying in the current


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