Time to Change the Batteries

When away from the dock, our on-board systems are powered by a series of batteries. The systems include are our refrigeration/freezers, fresh water pressure pump, lighting, bilge pumps, navigation equipment, auto pilot, lights, fans and so forth. Cindy and I tend to be little energy hogs. At any given time, we will have a couple […]

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  The final chapter of the Geeky stuff: The Signal Side-Band radio (SSB) is working ~ I think. I spent some time last week getting the SSB working. Ed, my H.A.M. friend, gave me a bunch of stuff. He also gave me awesome advice. Ed is retired Coast Guard and rebuilds vintage aircraft radios for […]

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SSB Radio

Have I told you lately how much I hate my SSB radio? This continues to be the project from hell. I have just spent the last 6 days installing the final components during which my body was upside-down, pretzelized, compacted, stretched and turned inside out. I am now convince to be capable of installing electronic […]

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Drilling Holes in the Boat

Any boat owner will tell you, it is always a little nerve wracking to drill a hole in the boat. This eye is a location for the helmsperson to affix their harness in rough weather tethering themselves  to the boat. Gee, I hope we do not use it very often. But wait, there’s more… About a […]

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I was really hoping this post would be the last of the geeky stuff bragging about my successful setting up of the SSB radio. But alas, the saga of the SSB radio installation continues… The idea was to pull out and replace a very old GPS unit with the SSB in the navigation station woodwork. […]

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Geeky Stuff (part three)

I’m not sure the Geeky postings deserved a third in the series but, the installation of the Single Sideband radio (SSB) has taken a real twist…. I purchased an Icom M802 SSB radio. I had enough money in my PayPal account to buy the radio (I am selling our unwanted household stuff on eBay and […]

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Geeky Stuff (part two)

(click any picture to enlarge and start a slide show)   So, the computer installation is finally completed. Per my previous posting, I made a design change at the last minute. I removed the existing back panel in the area where the computer was to be installed and replaced it with some wooden slats I fabricated. […]

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Geeky Stuff (part one)

I apologize upfront for the nerdy update. You non-nerdy types may want to just skip this one. (click any picture to enlarge and start a slide show) As a follow up to my post regarding installing new stuff, the past few days have been spent sorting through a muddle of wires aboard Cream Puff. When […]

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