Big Jumps

Mark wrote that about eight months ago I said to him, “We are both sitting on the dock with our toes in the water. One of us needs to jump in and pull the other with them”.  This meaning our plans to retire early, go sailing and the clock of time ticking loudly in our ears.

Well, jump we did. Not only did we jump but we jumped into the deep end and then we got out and did it again. We’ve taken on so much this year I am starting to look around for a lifeguard.

We’ve always lived a hectic life like the rest of Americans but right now it seems like we have a lot of oars in the water. Cream Puff is on the hard getting some work done, my business went up for sale last week, the house is in the midst of a makeover and so much more…. There is not really any part of our lives that has gone untouched since we made the big plunge last year. As I’ve written before, it has been hectic, emotional, and stressful but more than anything, it is exciting and fun.

Speaking of lifeguards, they are coming to the rescue in pickup trucks rather than bathing suits. We have decided that life is short and time is short so we have opened our arms and wallets to some much needed help on some of the bigger projects. We’ve collected a few great contractors over the years for various projects. While we are still doing the lion’s share of what needs to be done ourselves there is nothing wrong with helping the economy and some local business with some of our surplus of work. 🙂

Now, if I could just find a way to take them all with us…….

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