For those who read my post about what to do with our stuff here is the update:

I had written about what to do with so many years of accumulated stuff. So far we have filled an entire construction dumpster with “junk” that we no longer need. You know, the stuff that accumulates for years, unused, forgotten, junk in the basement, attic, and garage. A friend and I named the dumpster “Big Blue”.  It was more rust than blue though.

Big Blue was a driveway fixture for a week while Mark and I filled it up with all sorts of things, some of which I forgot we had. If you ever need a good spring cleaning, I highly recommend getting a dumpster delivered. It is a lot cheaper than paying someone to haul off all the junk. Even if you have a pickup this will save time because you are only moving each item one time, into the dumpster. And, it saves on multiple trips to the different types of dumps. Not to mention the fees.

The one thing that rings in my head came from Bill and Judy (BeBe); “You won’t miss the stuff”. I’m not a very sentimental type person so I am taking them for their word and beginning to let go of a lot of the trappings of having “stuff”.

I think Mark mentioned that we are in the process of painting and fixing up the house to sell. With that comes a really great opportunity to clear things out. We decided that as we paint each room we will start to box up the things we would like to keep. The rest of the items go to one of three piles; sell it, give it to a charity, or toss it. Sounds like there will be another construction dumpster in our future.

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