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Dinghy Driving School of Hard Knocks

We hate our dinghy. Maybe hate is too strong a word but we really, really don’t like it very much. Among other things, it is too small. Once we put a small gasoline tank, oars, life jackets and two people, there is not much room. It is not easy to maneuver and it leaks. It […]

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Meals on the Go

One of the questions I am often asked is about food while we are sailing. How do we have meals while we are on trips when we are sailing several days to get to a destination without stopping?  This is a good question because I can see the wheels turning in their minds. How do […]

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Fifty Shades of Gray ….. but not What You are Thinking

  It is nice that in these days and times people have more options when it comes to hairstyles. I would have loved to have had the blue or pink streaks added to my hair when I was young. Much to my family’s delight this idea was not invented until I was too old to […]

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Cindy’s Two Cents Worth at 50% Off

A week or so ago, Mark was working on a post for the blog. I think he was writing about moving from the house onto the boat. He asked me if at some point I would “add my two cents on the subject” and put it in a post.  I think I was busy trying […]

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To Toss or Not to Toss

  To Toss or Not to Toss…it has become a frustrating question. As you have read, we are in the throes of tossing stuff. Pun intended. Unfortunately, we have tossed stuff that we later need.  It has become a bit frustrating. I hear Mark mumble around the house that he recently either gave something away […]

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Marina Life

Many ladies I talk to are worried about leaving behind their social life for cruising life. From what I have read and heard first hand, there is quite a lot of social life for cruisers. I have found that one of the best decisions we made was moving to a more social marina before going […]

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Owning a boat and a house has a lot of pluses and a few negatives. One of the down falls is that you have double the chores. I either read or heard someone categorize chores into blue chores and pink chores. The phrase is quite self explanatory and I am sure you already have mental […]

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For those who read my post about what to do with our stuff here is the update: I had written about what to do with so many years of accumulated stuff. So far we have filled an entire construction dumpster with “junk” that we no longer need. You know, the stuff that accumulates for years, […]

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Big Jumps

Mark wrote that about eight months ago I said to him, “We are both sitting on the dock with our toes in the water. One of us needs to jump in and pull the other with them”.  This meaning our plans to retire early, go sailing and the clock of time ticking loudly in our […]

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