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Hallelujah. Got Milk!

We landed in Staniel Cay. This is a big stop for tourists because of the swimming pigs on neighboring. Big Major Cay. Staniel Cay is the first island south of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. So, boats heading south are usually in need of fresh vegetables, bread, eggs and milk. We too need all […]

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Trash Day

We have not been in a place to drop off trash since we left Bimini. The Exuma Land and Sea Park’s rule is what you take in you must take out. We had a month’s worth of trash. Two contractor size bags full of smaller trash bags. We  double bagged the larger bags to keep […]

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A Quest for Bemis

A few weeks before we started cruising on a boat (about 2 years ago) some long-time cruisers pulled up alongside Cream Puff in St Petersburg, Florida. They were preparing to leave their boat for about 5 months at the marina while they took an extended land vacation. As part of the prep they put all […]

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You Know You are a Cruiser if….

(Special nod to Jeff Foxworthy who developed “…..You Might be a Redneck….” Which has been reinvented in so many ways) You Know You are a Cruiser if……. You get your daily servings of fruit from rum drinks You wait for the tide to turn the boat so you can get a better wifi or cell […]

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Help! I’m Locked in the Head

As a follow up to our last post about me doing stupid things, earlier this week I locked myself in the bathroom (head – for you nautical types). On Amel boats, as with most brands, doors can be fastened closed from both sides or fastened open. Doors need to be fastened one way or another […]

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Circus Act

I first became familiar with the phrase circus act quite a few years ago. In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s we were in Texas and kept our boat Water-Melon at the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina. Our next door neighbor on the dock was Celica S. Celica S was a beautiful antique classic motor yacht. […]

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Please Stop the Noise

There are quite a few things we have missed since hanging around in the Bahamas for the last six months. We missed Italian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, and well… we missed good food in general. The Bahamian Islands, or at least the ones we visited, are not well known for culinary creations. That is, […]

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Off! Insect Spray: The Unofficial Perfume of the Bahamas

When we first arrived in the Bahamas in December we decide to celebrate our first official stop.  We had just arrived after a long trip and were tired. Once we cleared customs and did our arrival chores It was getting late in the day. The sun had already set but we had just enough energy […]

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  I love cookies. I’m not talking about the kind you get on your computer when surfing the net. I’m talking about the good ole fashioned sugary treats you wash down with a glass of cold milk. We have had a couple of nice surprises lately with the most recent one being the large variety […]

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This Old Man and The Sea

  I seriously suck at fishing. It’s a darn good job we have two freezers on Cream Puff full of meat. If it were up to me to provide fresh fish, we’d die. We do have some fish aboard. Cindy knows too well about my inability to pull fish from the ocean. She bought fish […]

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Whining About Wine

Who would have thought buying wine would be hard. Seriously! Cindy and I have spent most of our married life in Georgia. Georgia had some very strange laws when we moved there. I remember the very first night we arrived in Georgia after a long drive from Texas. We checked into a Residence Inn (they […]

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Moving South

Mona (our third crew member) joined us on our trip south from Deltaville, VA. She spoiled us with a big batch of Mona Cookies. The marina we stayed at (where the Coast Guard towed us) was great. Deltaville VA has a lot of marinas but the town is really lacking. They really have nothing at all to […]

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Flies, Crabs and the Bay

  Dear future cruisers, if you plan to visit the Chesapeake Bay I have two words for you; mosquito netting. Oh wait! Let’s make that five words; mosquito netting and fly swatters. I have found these items to be as necessary as cooking pots and sunscreen. Nothing more needs to be said.   Maybe more does […]

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A day in my life. “Hey Cindy, today I’m going to install the new GPS unit I bought. You remember me telling you about it. It tracks the Russian satellites from the GLONASS system as well as the USA system. I think I told you about it, didn’t I? Well, during the cold war, the […]

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We’ll know in a couple of hours…

  Am I about to die of food poisoning? I have an insatiable curiosity. It is who I am. Because of this, I read. A lot! As our plan to go sailing came closer into view, I substituted my reading material of investment prospectus’ and sales related leadership books to boat blogs, cruising guides and […]

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